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    Wedding movies (Wedding video filming) are short clips mounted in a solid video sequence, shot during the celebration, and contain key parts of the celebration. The main purpose of this video is to demonstrate the wedding to friends, relatives and acquaintances who could not attend the ceremony.

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      What’s a wedding filming

      Wedding video shoot

      Video filming a wedding is the process of capturing all the stages of preparation and holding the festive event. Such shooting is a whole art, and it is better to trust it to professionals so that the positive emotions from watching the video will long delight you. If your loved ones for some reason could not attend the celebration, you can always show them how it happened.

      Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to create a wedding video of any duration, adjust its plot, as well as apply individual effects to maintain the festive atmosphere in the frame. Today it is possible not only to capture every detail of the celebration, but also to hold the film in any style, to mount important moments in full-length material or short wedding clips.

      Choosing a wedding cameraman in Kiev is a very important part of holiday planning. If you want to get beautiful memories for life, it is worth careful approach to this issue. Preference should be given to an experienced specialist who is able to translate your idea in the best way. Such a cameraman will not only be able to catch the small details, but also to properly organize their work without missing important events in the continuation of the whole celebration.

      How the wedding is being filmed

      Those who think that the wedding shooting is a simple thing, it is worth getting acquainted with the process itself, because besides the direct work of the operator, it consists of a mass of stages:

      1. Prepare – we discuss your wishes, budget, make a script of the future wedding film. We find out what kind of additional services you will need after the filming.
      2. Sama shooting is a cameraman’s job for a wedding. The process of capturing the celebration, important moments and emotions of those present. It is very important that cameramen and photographers do not overlap each other’s shots, and it is possible only when the team is coherent and has long been working together.
      3. Mounting – we choose the best frames according to the determined plot and create clips from them. We can insert photos, fragments of amateur video of the newlyweds.
      4. Processing – giving the video appropriate color, atmosphere, adding graphic elements, animated screensavers, slide shows. It is better not to skip this stage, because the footage may be with different light levels, and it is necessary to smooth out mounting transitions.
      5. Processing – to make the video appropriate colorfulness, atmosphere, making graphic elements of animated screensavers, slideshows.
      6. Sound – in addition to the audio track obtained during the shooting, we can apply music from your favorite romantic tracks. Also here we work on the sound obtained during the shooting.

      The Dme.Production studio has professionals working on every stage, who can not only implement your ideas, but also offer their creative thoughts. Your cameraman for the wedding will do his best to make your memories exceptionally warm and joyful.

      What does a wedding film consists of

      What does a wedding movie consist of

      It is very important for each of the newlyweds to preserve the memories of exactly those fragments of the holiday that are very important to them. Depending on the style you choose, the wedding video may contain such stories:

      1. Wedding Shooting – may contain a production video of the first acquaintance, Love story, slideshow of children and youth photos of the newlyweds. Most often, the script is developed by an employee of the studio, but the wishes of the couple are also taken into account.
      2. Wedding shooting – here the chronology of all the events of the festive day is shot, and also there may be extensions of staged fragments.
      3. Buy – this stage of the wedding often attracts special attention of those watching the film, as it is quite a comical process. It’s nice to then laugh with friends and family about those moments that you missed or simply did not notice due to tradition or nervous tension.
      4. Painting ceremony – events in the registry office, obtaining a marriage certificate and related festive events.
      5. Walk – often newlyweds want to add more romanticism to their wedding movies. However, here you can not only stroll through beautiful places, but also to approach the issue in a non-standard way, performing the most common actions – to run a snake, play a board game, sitting under a tree, ride horses or a boat in a local pond.
      6. The banquet is the longest and most entertaining part of the wedding. Where to without fun contests, touching the soul of toasts, wishes of your closest people? Cake cutting, the first dance of the young very important moments in the wedding shooting.
      7. Marriage – some newlyweds wish that the moment of this mystery also falls into the frame of the wedding cameraman.
      8. Exit ceremony – sometimes young couples want to bring more ease to their holiday than a waitress. In this case, there are paintings in nature, in interesting places (ancient mansions or castles), where the beauty of the environment complements the happiness of two people.
      9. Message – there is a relatively recent tendency to keep the message to yourself or your future baby. This video is very touching and fits perfectly into the holiday atmosphere.

      You can also add any sections at your discretion, depending on what is important to you from the day you spent with the videographer and would like to remember for many years. Our staff will help you with scripting so that you can get the brightest, most colorful and emotional wedding video.

      How much does it cost to shoot a wedding video

      How much does videotaping of a wedding cost

      How much does wedding video filming cost?

      Title Price Command
      Tariff “Start” from $299 2 people
      Tariff “Standard” from $499 3 people
      Full tariff from $899 from 5 people

      In preparation for an important day, sometimes newlyweds look with sadness at the figures he announced for the services that they would like to have at the wedding. Bear in mind that a cheap video cameraman for the wedding will not always be able to perform the tasks that you set him. Frustration is far from the emotion with which you want to watch videos of your own wedding. It is better to trust professionals with a calm soul and in the end get a quality film created with all the wishes in mind.

      Naturally, everyone will be interested in the price of video footage of the wedding in Kiev. No one will be able to give you an unambiguous figure, because the creation of video for a wedding process is multi-level, containing a lot of details. We discuss each of them on the brief, where you and we submit to each other ideas for filming. In the Dme.Production studio the cost of the service will consist of such elements:

      1. Video duration – there are standards for timing wedding movies, and they are 30-45 minutes. However, we are able to produce any length of material as desired by customers. In addition to the full-length version, we can also order wedding clips of up to 15 minutes, a kind of announcement consisting of the most important parts.
      2. Length of stay of our workers at the location – you can order shooting only the banquet part, painting in the registry office or preparations for the celebration, but it is also possible to get support from operators and photographers for the duration of the wedding.
      3. The number of staff and equipment involved – you can order a video for the wedding by one or more operators, which will greatly increase the number of captured vivid emotions of you and your guests in the final video. Shooting with multiple cameras will also help you to shoot at different locations at the same time (for example, bride and groom gathering, ransom preparation and groom’s arrival at the house).
      4. Video processing – you can take away many hours of source and try for a long time to make it into a beautiful video yourself. Or you can entrust it to qualified workers of our studio and quickly get a quality video. After editing all the important scenes you need to do color correction, stabilize the video, give it a special holiday atmosphere, as well as maintain the style you have chosen before.
      5. Sounding – how nice it will be to watch your wedding video to your favorite tracks! It does not mean that there will be no warm words of your friends and family in the frame, but moments when only captured emotions play a role will be accompanied by music reminding you again and again about your wedding day.

      The final cost of the wedding shooting in Dme.Production will also depend on the availability of graphics, animation, computer effects. We can embed a movie slideshow of photos taken in parallel with video, memorabilia from the period of courting, lava hundredori photo shoot and so on.

      Price for wedding video in Odessa, Kiev, Dnipro in our studio will pleasantly surprise you. We do our best to ensure that you get a quality video and do not worry about the costume. Our staff approach to business with love and creativity, so that an interesting film will please you for many years, and the cost of work will not dazzle in the happy days before the holidays.

      Why you should entrust shooting weddings Dme

      Why do they trust shooting weddings at Dme

      The imprint of a festive day should not be trusted to an operator with capabilities you do not know, otherwise shooting a wedding may disappoint and leave an unpleasant residue. We at Dme.Production constantly keep our hand on the pulse of the latest trends, as well as developments in software, so that your rollers were made quickly and with high quality. Also, our technical base allows us to perform tasks of any complexity, from photo shoots to shots taken from the air with the help of quadcopter. Each of the specialists is constantly improving in its field, mastering new techniques and equipment. That is why we can be considered one of the best in the segment.

      It may take an indefinite period of time before the wedding video is ready, as it will depend on a mass of factors. The main elements affecting the duration of the work are the presence of graphic inclusions, the desired duration of the video, the number of stages of its processing. In any case, we will complete the task within the specified period, but we can also discuss the acceleration of the post-production process.

      What will you get

      Wedding video can convey all the dynamics and atmosphere of the event. Watching it after a while, you can not only remember the best moments, but also experience the same emotions that you experienced on the most significant day. In addition, by ordering a wedding video, you can share it with guests, show colleagues and friends.

      Rational reasons why you should order a video for your wedding at Dme.Production:

      1. You will get professional advice, scripting and storytelling for your film. We will tell you, give you advice and suggest your own ideas for each of the stages of video production.
      2. The cost of the service will please you, especially against the background of all other expenses. We are always ready to discuss individually the price and estimate for your celebration.
      3. You will have a quality video about one of the most important days of your life. Watching it, you can find yourself there again, get a positive charge, and remind your friends and family about this moment.
      4. A coherent team of cameramen and photographers will come to you, who will not miss a single detail of the celebration. We work as one, creating only the best videos for you.
      5. We will perform video processing of any complexity, make your film unique and personalized. Individual approach is one of the mottos of our studio.
      6. We have unlimited technical possibilities, you can not only order video shooting with several cameras, but also get video from the air, made with a drone.

      Don’t miss the chance to catch happiness in the frame and capture it in a full-length video or a short clip! Order wedding movies at Dme.Production, and enjoy them all your life!

      Do you want to order a professional filming of your wedding and get a video that will surprise your friends and relatives and make them burst out crying with the tears of happiness?

      We have a lot of experience in live shooting of big events and celebrations, we know what to pay attention to.

      — Our cameras will capture all the most important moments of the celebration from the best angles;

      — We can arrange filming from multiple cameras at the same time and even from the air;

      — Dme.Production is engaged in video production of a full cycle, which means that we not only film, but also edit a video of your wedding, which will get into your soul.

      We’ll make a family movie that you’ll be happy to watch over and over again.

      If you need to capture an important and moving event on camera, leave your application online now and get a free consultation.

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