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    Wedding video editing is the process of bringing together the best footage from the event in one solid video. The main task of the service is to obtain a memorable video.

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      What is wedding video editing

      Wedding video editing

      Video editing of weddings is a great opportunity to create a full-length film or a short clip from the materials filmed at the wedding. In this way you can leave vivid emotions and the best moments of a happy day not only in your memory, but also on the information carrier. You can refresh your memories at any time or show the holiday to those dear to you people who could not attend the holiday in person.

      What is video editing of a wedding

      Mounting a wedding film is a creative work that requires a special approach and artistic vision. It is possible to combine materials with children’s photographs of newlyweds, once made by a photo shooting of love story, embellished with computer graphics, animation. Such techniques can increase the emotional background of the video, make it as exciting and beautiful as possible.

      What do we do

      Because a memorable video will stay with you for the rest of your life, it is worthwhile to approach the process of video editing a wedding with all responsibility and creativity. We have enough of both to create a film that you will enjoy watching with your family and friends over and over again. In order to get a quality video, you need to go through these stages:

      1. Discussion – here we try to find out the maximum wishes related to the video style, additional services that you will need to use.
      2. Study of footage – since the wedding may be attended by several cameramen and photographers, it is necessary to fully review the original materials and choose the best moments, shots, the main events of the celebration (the first dance of the newlyweds, toasts of close people, cutting the cake, etc.)
      3. Black video editing of the wedding – basic slicing of frames, passages. Here you can make necessary corrections and adjust the future movie.
      4. Input graphic elements and animation – if you decide on a creative video, it will take time to create animated elements, effects. Then you will need to embed them into your video to make them look organic and fun.
      5. Sounding – if you like, we can put on any music you want, which will make the key moments even more emotional and bright.
      6. Processing – in addition to graphics, beautiful video is also impossible without editing contrast, color, stabilization. With these techniques of wedding editing you can achieve a special atmosphere, highlight the solemnity of the day, highlight the highlights, get the best image that you will show your friends with pride.
      7. View – production of the final version, where the video and soundtrack are combined into the final version of the movie.

      And you get the most beautiful video, capable of causing the whole range of positive emotions. Our editors treat their work not only professionally, but also with the soul, that’s why to order the installation of the wedding at Dme.Production is the right solution.

      How much does it cost to edit a wedding video

      How much does it cost to edit a wedding video

      How much does editing a wedding video cost?

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      Besides the process of frame editing itself, the creation of a film contains a lot of nuances that can affect the final cost of the product.

      1. Time – the cost of video depends directly on its duration. The classic duration is 30-45 minutes, but it is also possible to extend the length of the movie to 80 minutes. Accordingly, you will need to do more work on the wedding installation, processing, sounding. We can also offer you to make a short clip that includes the main scenes of the holiday. Such video can be shown when there is no time to watch the full-length material.
      2. Computer graphics, animation – the introduction of such elements will slow down the work a little, as it will be necessary to attract additional specialists who create effects.
      3. Shooting by a third party operator – in case you order only wedding video editing and the camera work was done by another contractor, we will need to get all sources and study them in detail.
      4. Processing – color correction, photo retouching, stabilization of the “shaking” video will directly affect the quality of the movie, because they will be able to make the frames brighter, juicier, to withstand the necessary atmosphere of celebration.
      5. Sound – music overlay also affects the cost of the movie. We use license tracks that are individually selected and listen to your wishes.
      6. Time – the sooner you want to get the result of the video editing of the wedding, the more we have to work overtime. However, we are always ready to meet you and produce the video exactly in the time frame you need.

      Too low initial price of the service at the beginner editors makes you think about the quality of the task. In order to mount a beautiful film, it is necessary not only to have professional staff, but also to have no restrictions on the technical side.

      Why shouldyou order the wedding video editing in Dme

      Why order a video editing of a wedding at Dme

      Thanks to the fact that the studio uses advanced equipment, the latest programs for processing, the wedding video editing process is much faster. Our well-coordinated team is not only constantly improving skills in its field of activity, but also closely follows the new trends that affect the quality and format of video. The result is a unique video sequence that you want to watch over and over again, experiencing the emotions of the big day.

      What concerns the time frame for production, there is nothing to say for sure. Everything will depend not only on the timing of the film, but also on the entire process of processing, correction, the need to make graphic elements. The non-linear editing of the wedding clip may take several days, when the full-length film with animation, slideshow can be made several weeks, based on the complexity of the task you set.

      What do we offer

      The impression of the wedding is worth entrusting to experienced professionals, as the memory of the celebration will be kept by you for many years. Our studio provides not only wedding editing services, but also production video scripting, shooting, processing and other additional options. You have the opportunity to order the full cycle of production film from the wedding in one place, and be sure that the result will exceed your expectations. By ordering the service from Dme.Production, you are guaranteed to get:

      1. A professional team that will make your video beautiful, spectacular and emotional.
      2. Qualitative video that you want to watch with your friends and family.
      3. High standards and level of responsibility for each stage of the service.

      Don’t risk ruining your memories by trusting the wrong people to edit your wedding video! Order a service in Dme.Production studio, and enjoy every moment many years later!

      Want to get professional video editing service for your wedding?

      Studio Dme.Production will edit a festive video from a wedding or other big celebration:

      — Our editing will cover the most important and most emotional moments;

      — Holiday videos produced by DME will add a real touching memory to your family video archive.

      We’ll make a family movie that you’ll enjoy watching yourself and showing to your family and friends.

      In Dme Production Studio we edit video of any complexity, with the addition of various effects, color correction and graphics..

      Don’t drag it out, for free highly qualified consultation leave your application on the website right now.

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