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    Creating virtual 3D tours is a service for creating a presentation of commercial or personal real estate using 360 degree filming. It is used not only for the sale and rental of premises, but also for the presentation of businesses, institutions, cultural sites (museums, theaters, historical sites).

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      What is a virtual 3D tour

      What is a virtual 3D tour

      3D tour is a method of showing rooms where a series of 360-degree panoramic images is used, combined into one big panorama. Such materials are created not only for the presentation of apartments and houses, but also for shops, clubs, restaurants, industrial buildings, historical sites (in the format of excursions). With the virtual tour you can see the smallest details of the room, its advantages and disadvantages, the overall atmosphere.

      In the conditions of tough market competition virtual tours have become an excellent business card that can attract a potential client. Since today the most valuable resource is time, with the help of such a technique you give your client the opportunity not to spend it on site visits, but to make a viewing from anywhere in the world at a convenient time. When choosing a venue for a celebration or event 3d tour can also significantly affect the decision, as it can show the location as a whole, make a positive first impression.

      What concerns the sphere of rent and purchase of real estate ready for occupancy, the creation of 3D tour will help to integrate into the interior, design, repair, furnishing. In contrast to the renderings, the panorama allows you to evaluate the entire space, including the height of the ceilings, the number of lighting, the volume of the room. That is why they are used by interior designers when creating a portfolio. It is also good for demonstration of architectural monuments, because it will be possible to consider individual elements (sculpture, stucco, inlay), as well as the whole composition.

      How is a 3D tour created

      How to create a 3D tour

      So as the material should present the subject from the best angle, as well as show all the advantages of the location, you should carefully consider each step of its creation. Before starting work on the virtual 3D tour, you should be thoroughly prepared. The shooting process consists of several stages:

      1. Brief – discussing the main purpose of creation, what details should be emphasized, what should be the general concept of future content, the structure of the tour.
      2. Visiting filming location – for the image to be of high quality it is necessary to evaluate the level of illumination. Other location details (mirror and glitter surfaces, volumetric structures) may prevent good photos from being taken. Here it is determined whether additional lighting fixtures as well as basic camera mounting points will be necessary.
      3. The process of getting image itself – after the inspection of the location and installation of the necessary additional equipment comes filming time. Here we get the necessary number of shots, taking into account the presence of moving objects in the frame.
      4. Processing – at this stage the best shots are selected and combined into a single panorama. At this stage the work on distortion elimination, color correction, retouching, overlaying of filters and effects is performed. Graphic elements are also added here if the 3D panorama should have pop-ups, inscriptions, a running line, active zones.
      5. Sounding – sometimes tours are accompanied by pleasant sound, light music or sounds when interacting with the interactive part.
      6. Complying – here a set of ready 3D panoramas is combined into a ready virtual tour using special software.

      The employes of Dme.Production have not only the necessary skills, experience, but also a creative approach, which can improve the result of future filming. Our portfolio speaks for itself, before ordering the service, you can always look at our works.

      How much does a 3D tour in Dme.Production cost

      How much does a 3D tour in Dme.Production cost

      How much does it cost to create a 3D tour – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      Precise prise for the task can not be immediately named, because the production of virtual tours is a multi leveled process and a lot depends on the task set by the customer. The main factors affecting the cost of 3D panorama are:

      1. Complexity of location – small rooms, restrictions on installation of equipment in optimal locations, lack of lighting directly affect the price of the material.
      2. The need for additional equipment – the lack of lighting can be compensated by installing lamps and spotlights, the structures for their placement.
      3. Work time of photographer – the more complicated the location is, the longer it will take to get good shots. The presence of moving objects (people, cars) makes the work harder, as it requires a lot of photos for clear shots. If these objects need to be retouched later, you should worry about additional panoramic images, the elements of which can replace part of the image.
      4. The presence of computer graphics in the virtual 3D tour – creating elements requires not only time, but also a separate specialist. Development of a unique design of the control panel, the introduction of interactive elements, photos, active zones, information lines will increase the cost of the tour.
      5. Voicing – overlaying music or speaker text will affect the final price of the content. Text translation into foreign languages also requires additional payment.
      6. The number of panoramas you need – when ordering several 3D tours the cost will be discussed in a separate order and can be individual.

      The initial estimation of the price is made at the stage of the brief, but elements such as the duration of the filming process, additional equipment can increase the price after our specialist visits the place We are always ready to meet our clients and offer the services of creating a virtual tour at the most pleasant prices.

      The benefits of working with us

      You may try to create a 3D panorama yourself, using available programs and handy photo equipment, but it is worth remembering that the high quality of the product in this case is almost impossible to achieve. In order for the content to contain high-class photos, we engage experienced professionals who clearly understand the peculiarities of such shootings. Also, Dme.Production the studio has an extensive technical base, the necessary software and a number of professionals to perform each stage of creating a 3D tour.

      Concerning the time needed to complete the tasks, there is no established time limit, as in the case of video filming. Many different factors affect the duration of the work, such as the amount of work to create graphics, the amount of source material, processing, the need for sound, text translation. On average, panorama tour requires from one to several weeks of work of different specialists. If you are under the pressure of the deadline, we are ready to consider speeding up the process according to your request.

      Why do you need a 3D tour

      The modern real estate market dictates strict conditions of competition, and more and more modern technologies are used by marketing experts in order to reach income level. The virtual tour technology will help to show your real estate or commercial space as a whole, keeping your clients comfortable, as they do not need to visit the object by themselves.

      Ordering virtual 360 tours in Dme.Production, you will get:

      1. A professional team that is constantly improving its skills to get better results.
      2. Qualitative final product that presents the location you need in a positive light.
      3. Inclusion of an additional audience through content visibility.
      4. Enhancement of loyalty to the company, as well as better memorability of the information presented.

      However the technology of virtual tours began to be used in the early 2000s, it is becoming popular only now. You should not disregard any opportunity to declare your business, including if it belongs to the real estate sector. Order the service in Dme.Production studio and get non-standard, effective advertising!

      Are you in search of where to order a 3D tour for your company?

      Dme.Production produces virtual panoramic tours on a turnkey basis.

      We can help with the following tasks:

      — Creating virtual tours in 360 format;

      — Creation of panoramic tours with step-by-step transitions.

      Show your location from an advantageous and clear angle on your website or mobile application.

      Contact us and get a full free consultation from Dme.Production.

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