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    Viral advertising is a type of content that is distributed very quickly among network users. The main purpose of such video is to advertise goods or services in a light, unobtrusive form.

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      What is viral advertising

      What is viral advertising

      Virus advertising is a video, article or other type of publication that “captures” the audience with humor, beauty of video. Such content can be considered publications that have received wide popularity (likes, comments, mentions, reposting). The name of this phenomenon of modern marketing was formed thanks to the rapid and massive distribution of material. The main feature is that the content is transmitted by Internet users themselves, without interference from the company that released it.

      Virus video is not perceived by the audience as advertising, so such a marketing move opens the possibility to stand out among the standard marketing techniques. Virus video shooting can be much more profitable than regular advertising, as it does not require active efforts and investment in promotion. The main advantage of such content is that it is clearly targeted at the target audience and is something new and original, affecting the emotional component of the person.

      How do we deal with it

      Viral advertising

      Either of the tasks requires a thorough approach and a series of actions required to achieve the goals. To create viral advertising, it is necessary to work through such stages:

      1. Market research – the level of potential audience interest in topics, emotions. It determines what type of video will be as close as possible and will cause a response.
      2. Strategy development – all the nuances of the future video are discussed here, from global issues to the little things that are important to achieve the result.
      3. Prepare – write a script, discuss the concept, details that should be present in the clip.
      4. Shooting – translating ideas into footage, the work of operators and motion designers.
      5. Processing – mounting, color correction, sounding of the finished material. Giving the video its own atmosphere, video quality (lately it is fashionable to make video as if it was shot on a mobile or video recorder).
      6. Distribution consultation – the ready video must be properly “launched” for it to become popular.

      All these steps are part of the future successful viral advertising. Our specialists will work on every detail so that you can get the best video spreading at lightning speed.

      How much does viral advertising cost

      How much does viral advertising cost

      How much does viral advertising cost – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      Since the cost of viral advertising does not consist of one “remove” item, there is no single figure. Today the prices of studios vary, but it should be remembered that the low cost of service does not mean the quality and professionalism of performers. On what our final estimate depends:

      1. Time – clip length, time and amount of work on installation, graphics or effects.
      2. The number of personnel involved – operators, installers, technicians, sound engineers, motion designers who will work on your video.
      3. Advanced processing services – voice recording, color correction, addition of computer graphics and animation directly affect the price of video creation.
      4. Invite actors, musicians, rent the necessary space – if the video will be shot in a certain place, it is necessary to provide all the permissions or rent the location for the time of shooting. Also known musicians (including writing the soundtrack), actors can participate in a viral video, which will significantly affect the cost of material.
      5. Scale of campaign launch – in order to reach a large audience, sometimes it is not enough to “launch” viral advertising only in one of the social networks or by e-mail. You will have to spend money on promotion in several sources.

      Corrections may occur at each stage, which will affect the final cost of shooting the virus clip. You can order the service from us and get a very nice price for the work.

      What we can give you

      The employees of our studio know clearly what is necessary for a modern audience, follow the trends and novelties in their field. That’s why you can order a viral video of any complexity level, and our team will perform all tasks.

      Time of creation may vary depending on the scale and complexity of your task. On average, video production in Dme.Production takes from a few days to a few weeks (if you want to add video graphics or animation, it will take time). Whichever of our employees is responsible for its stage of viral advertising creation, so in the end you will get quality material and support of experienced specialists. .

      Why do you need video made by our studio

      The purpose of viral advertising in modern marketing is difficult to overestimate, as it is the distribution of information without special participation of the company. Before ordering viral advertising in Dme.Production, evaluate all the advantages of our studio and what you get by cooperating with us:

      1. Coordinated professional team able to perform any task.
      2. Qualitative content created according to your wishes and the latest trends.
      3. Popularize your goods and services in a short time.
      4. Emotional audience response, which means better brand recognition and memorability, the company.
      5. Competitive production cost without compromising on quality.

      You should not rely only on old, proven methods of promoting products and services, as the modern world is rapidly changing its interests and needs. Bring the new trends into your business, replacing the usual video! Order the creation of viral advertising in Dme.Production and count the profits!

      Do you want to order the creation of viral advertising from professionals?

      Dme.Production Studio will solve the following problems in a high quality way:

      — Researching of your niche to create a video that will deliver peculiarities of your services or goods;

      — Creating a creative viral concept that will attract attention;

      — The production of a viral video that will be remembered and shared on the Internet.

      Dme.Production has wide experience in producing creative viral video content.

      Leave an application on our website right now for a detailed free consultation!

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