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    Video production — the process of shooting and creating video content: movies, clips, music videos and other kind of video content. It includes the development of an idea, scenario, concept, footage, as well as the post-production process: editing, voice acting, etc.

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      Video production turnkey from Dme.Production

      Video production turnkey from Dme.Production-2342
      Our company, DME Production, specializes in providing a range of services, and one of the prior activity of our studio is video production.

      Our team of professionals performs all work on creating high-quality media products (from corporate, presentation films to viral videos) at a full breath.

      We cooperate with clients from Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine (legal entities, individuals), and also work remotely with foreign clients. We carry out orders for the creation of video content of various levels of complexity.

      Creating a corporate video is one of the most popular types of services. The main list consists of:

      1. image clips;
      2. presentation clips;
      3. corporate films.

      Due to the use of the experience and knowledge of professional cameramen, screenwriters, directors and other specialists, the use of modern shooting equipment, we create not just videos, but unique films, with the passage of the main stages:

      1. preproduction;
      2. production;
      3. postproduction.

      Huge technical capabilities and team of highly skilled professionals allow us to work with different clients, covering the entire range of video production.

      On the website of the company, there is a portfolio of our fulfilled works. For each client we have an individual approach that allows you to create a media product that will work effectively for a positive result.

      DME Production is one of the best Ukrainian brands that have made a name for themselves in the production of video with integrated services. It is the full range of works from concept preparation to installation that is one of the priority areas. A team with all the specialists necessary for creating videos is ready to create and as a result provide a high-quality media product.

      Why choose us for video production?

      Why choose us for video production-32423423
      Video production is our chip, highlight, cherry on the cake, because we are ready to shoot everything from corporate commercials to viral videos, which after a couple of days will gain a huge number of views.

      More specifically, the studio is working on:

      1. Image rollers.
      2. Presentation videos.
      3. Corporate films.

      Few advertising agencies are willing to cooperate with foreign clients, but we can. In this case, all processes are remote. Of course, in Ukraine we work with individuals and legal entities.

      There are no difficult tasks for us – they are ready to give the result in any case, regardless of the level of complexity.

      How much does video production cost – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      The experience and knowledge of our cameramen, screenwriters, directors, video editors and others involved in the work of specialists allows you to complete all production processes without hesitation. So commercials and films go through all stages: pre-production, production, post-production. For this, including all the necessary equipment. All this allows you to cover the entire range of video production.

      On our site you can see the portfolio with the work already completed and evaluate the level with your own eyes.

      Video production from CIS masters

      Video production from CIS masters-23423423
      Video content from DME Production is creative, modern, interesting for the target audience. With ready-made videos, you will be able to complete the tasks and achieve goals.

      Professional video of various types, you can order from us. Production is carried out taking into account the budget and your wishes. Our directions:

      1. Video content for business, companies.
      2. Music videos.
      3. Presentations.
      4. Video infographics.
      5. Promotional video and promotions.
      6. Animated video content in 2D and 3D.

      An integrated approach involves developing a concept, writing a script, shooting, editing and voice acting.

      That is, you will be able to get video content of any complexity. We conclude a contract, so the deadlines are clearly respected. The application can be left on the site right now.

      Are you looking for a Ukrainian company that deals with video production?

      Dme.Production makes video content for different aims and purposes.

      You can get professional video in the following directions:

      1. Video content for business and company;
      2. Clips, presentations and infographics;
      3. Advertisement and promotional videos;
      4. Animated 2D and 3D videos.

      The company’s specialists will develop an idea, write an appropriate script, record video material and professionally edit and sound-on-visuals.

      You can get content of any level of complexity on time and with any budget.

      Leave an application on the site right now and get a free consultation from the experts of Dme.Production.

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