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    Video editing — is a process of composing parts of original footage in special order to accomplish the editing plan. Also special effects can be added during the process of editing. Special programms are requiared to edit video properly.

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      Video editing turnkey from Dme.Production

      Video editing turnkey from Dme-213213
      Video editing involves professional video processing. With the help of editing, it is possible to create a format that is convenient for viewing on TV or a computer monitor from “raw” material, to re-edit a clip, a movie.

      Order professional installation in our company, DME Production. We work with materials that need further processing, we make it brighter. Professionals of our company edit a video using modern equipment.

      Availability of first-class technology and modern software makes it possible to adjust the colour of video materials, complement them with graphic elements, in compliance with conditions and requirements of a customer.

      We employ not only experienced video editors but also creative motion designers, who find an individual approach to each client and offer the most interesting options for processing video files.

      We cooperate with clients from Kyiv, from other cities of Ukraine and also work remotely with foreign customers. You can order from us at the best price:

      1. technical video editing (creating titles, screensavers, other);
      2. artistic video editing (voice, adding photos, creating titles, screensavers, etc.).

      Cost of professional editing services depends on various factors (quality and quantity of raw materials, colour correction, digitization, graphics animation, other services), but it is acceptable for all customers.

      Video editing from DME Production is creative, affordable and profitable. We work with video materials of any complexity. Post-production from us is an excellent result in a short time. The price of video editing depends on various factors, the main one is its duration and processing volume.

      What it is?

      Video editing is a creative and technical process. Its essence is in combining individual fragments of the original video to obtain compositional unity. As a result, it is possible to obtain a dynamic, interesting picture for the viewer. Sound and additional effects are superimposed on it.

      As a result, the source is placed in several minutes or tens of minutes of video.

      Our capabilities

      Custom-made shooting of clips and their subsequent installation is our professional niche. We offer videos of excellent quality that will help to save important moments in life, show a business or product from the best side. There is a lot of experience in editing videos of the following areas:

      1. Events.
      2. Holidays.
      3. Videoblogs.
      4. Interviews, reporting.
      5. Video about business, company, personal brand.

      We work with different clients in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. Perhaps remote collaboration – communication takes place via the Internet.

      Stages of work during video editing

      Stages of work during video editing-123
      Each project has its own individual characteristics, they also affect the price. When working on each video material, we must adhere to a single structure. Professional video editing from DME Production consists of such stages:

      1. Familiarization with the project, the study of technical specifications, clarification of details as necessary.
      2. Preparation of a plan, plot, coordination of all key points. Drawing up and signing a contract.
      3. Shooting a video by elements in general.
      4. Editing footage with professional equipment.
      5. Preview, edit.
      6. Postproduction – color correction, voice acting, overlay of additional effects.
      7. Delivery of finished work.

      Cost of video editing

      Cost of video editing-2131

      How much does video editing cost – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 1 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 2 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 3 days

      When editing a video, the cost depends on the amount of work and the length of the finished video. It is indicated in a minute and if a professional approach is proposed, then it simply cannot be cheap. A high-quality result is guaranteed to ensure the achievement of the goals set for the roller – to sell, attract, entertain.

      Do you wnat to order the editing of your video content?

      Dme.Production provides video editing services for various topics and any level of complexity.

      We do post-production creatively: with animation and wow effects for a specific task or goal.

      We will develop concept and presentation, take into account your suggestions and ideas, create a high-quality video clip on a turnkey basis.

      We have considerable experience in editing of videos of the following directions:

      1. Events;
      2. Video blogs;
      3. Various special days;
      4. Interviews and special events photography;
      5. Video about a business, company and personal brand.

      Do not waste your time! Leave an application right now and get an individual approach and a high-quality video product by Dme.Production.

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