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    Video infographics — animation video clip with graphic images: numbers, icons, logos, etc. The purpose of the video infographic is to present a large amount of information in a short and understandable video format.

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      Creating a video infographic turnkey from Dme.Production

      Everyone of daily us faces with different types of information. To get really important and necessary information, it is necessary to single out the most important things from the general flow to avoid randomness.

      It is proved by scientists that the most memorable information is not what we hear but what we see. It is a high-quality video that contributes to the fact that a potential client stays on the page where the original video infographics are placed for detailed study.

      It is an infographic way of presenting the target audience by the graphical method of the three main components:

      1. Information.
      2. Data.
      3. Knowledge.

      Video reproduction in the modern world can be done in several ways:

      1. amateur (using a cell phone camera);
      2. professional (professional videos, animations, motion design, which includes video infographics).

      The most popular, effective and efficient approach is a professional approach to the rendering of information, so to create high-quality video content, you should use the services of our company, DME Production.

      Due to the use of graphics in motion, adding high-quality dubbing with sound effects, video infographics increase the impact on a person and it makes a person not only to watch a video to the end but to share it with his friends.

      While creating video content we use modern equipment, we take into account all the wishes of our customers, which allows us to create video infographics that can not only tell you about the brand but also increase sales.

      Video infographics is an excellent tool for intelligible and visually simple delivery of certain information. Each person is faced with a huge amount of data every day, and infographics will help highlight the main thing, get away from randomness.

      Reasons for the popularity of video infographics from Dme.Production

      It is proved that any person better perceives what he sees with his own eyes, and not hear. Just good quality video content will literally make the client stay on
      page, perform a specific action. The original video infographics is attractive and we are tempting to study in detail the submitted information.

      The creation of such content is the presentation of information, data, knowledge in an extremely understandable and convenient form. DME Production does all this with the help of professional equipment and vast experience.

      Graphics in motion, high-quality voice acting with a variety of effects – this allows video infographics to affect a person’s perception, force him to watch the video to the end, share it with friends.


      1. More profitable than other video formats. It does not need scenery, the creation of certain lighting or other sophisticated equipment.
      2. Easy to use characters. It is possible to single out the target audience. For example, create a video in which a businessman solves legal issues.
      3. Ease of promotion, subject to the submission of interesting material.
      4. Ease of perception. All you need to see and hear in quality infographics in place.

      Why does business need video graphics

      To order this video content from us is to get an excellent result, which will manifest itself in:

      1. Increase loyalty. Such content is interesting and unusual, it disposes to itself, people begin to trust more.
      2. Reporting information. The price of such a video is low, but the information content is at the highest level.
      3. Creation of authority of the company, specialist. Video infographics help share chips that confirm professionalism.
      4. Closure of objections. The video may show the features of cooperation, the specifics of obtaining materials for work. Thus, it is possible to close some objections.

      You can use professionally created video infographics for display on social networks, YouTube, on your site and in other cases when it is relevant.

      Do you want to order a selling and cool video infographics?

      Dme.Production creates 2D and 3D infographics for the necessary purposes and tasks.

      How much does a video infographic cost – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      We will make a professional video based either on our script or on your.

      Today, infographic is the most popular media product for business or a website.

      Video infographics will help to solve the following tasks:

      1. To deliver quickly a large amount of information;
      2. To share business processes;
      3. To describe a company’s products and services.

      You can use infographics for impression it on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and on your website.

      Leave an application right now and get a free consultation from the experts of Dme.Production.

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