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    Video graphics is a kind of motion design that allows you to bring static images (2D or 3D) to life. It is used to create screensavers, promo-videos, advertising videos, presentations, in order to increase interest in the product or service provided.

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      What is video graphics?

      Creation of video graphics

      Video graphics — a method of animation, through which fixed graphical objects become dynamic. It is used to create unique visuals that can draw the audience’s attention to the company, brand or products. Motion graphics design is actively used as an influential marketing tool, allowing you to implement virtually any ideas. The presence of high-quality graphics in advertising can significantly increase the recognition and popularity of the company or label.

      With the help of video graphics you can create videos of different level of complexity, 3D logos, screensavers, business cards, presentations, infographics, training or advertising materials.

      What is video graphics

      Special attention is paid here to special effects and animation. Thanks to the presence of graphic processing, content acquires colorfulness, non-existent characters and phenomena. The use of graphics enhance the emotions gotten from viewing, thereby increasing the degree of memorability of the information submitted.

      How does the process of videographic creation occur?

      What is the process of video graphics creation

      Creation of video graphics in Dme.Production studio includes different processes, depending on the complexity of the task. The main stages are:

      1. Modelling – here 2D or 3D models of future animation are created.
      2. Texture – development and overlay of future textures on characters or objects appearing in the video.
      3. Animation – animation of objects and characters involved in the video.
      4. Rendering – drawing, getting the final image built on the created models.
      5. Compositing – overlaying animation and effects on previously filmed material, frame mixing.

      In addition, we write scripts, record, animate, edit, sound materials of any complexity.

      How much does it cost in Dme.Production

      The price of video graphics creation directly depends on the project size. If the content needs to be created from scratch, the price will include not only visual effects, but also script writing, shooting, animation, editing, sounding. Simple enough video in the presence of finished source material will have a minimum cost.

      How much does a video chart cost – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      The main criteria in price formation are:

      1. Customer requirements — number and complexity of special effects, volume of animation component.
      2. The number of professionals involved – from a scriptwriter for creating video, designers to musicians, composers or speakers needed in the post-production phase.
      3. The time it takes to implement an idea is to create video graphics for Full HD, for example, more painstaking, time-consuming and time-consuming than for DV. The duration of the video also plays a big role.

      No matter how complicated the idea is, we are sure that in the end you will get a beautiful video for a very reasonable price.

      Advantages of ordering video graphics creation in Dme.Production

      Benefits of ordering video graphics in Dme

      When you order creation of video graphics in our studio, you get full support in obtaining high-quality content, from writing a script to a full video. Studio staff are professionals and use new technologies to achieve maximum results. Each of them is responsible for its own segment, laying out all 100% when creating each project.

      Time of performing task depends on its complexity level, where video creation from scratch may take several weeks. Implementing simple visual elements into the finished video, creating simple screensavers or business cards usually takes several days. Also, our skilled motion designers use the latest hardware and software development, which positively affects the quality and speed of video graphics creation.

      Why do you need creation of such beautiful videos?

      Qualitative content increases site traffic, thereby increasing the number of clients. Creating a video clip with video graphics will raise the presentation of a product or service to a new level, increase popularity, brand or company recognition. Order the service in the studio Dme.Production will help:

      1. Attract target audience.
      2. Rise sales.
      3. Show an idea, product or service from a better angle.
      4. Create a good impression of the company.

      The unlimited possibilities of video graphics combined with a qualified team will help you create unique videos that can quickly affect the development of your business. Do not wait until it’s too late – order the service in our motion studio to reach new heights!

      Would you like to get high quality graphics for your video from Dme, the studio of the full cycle of production and post-production?

      The company solve the following tasks in due time:

      — Creating video infographics for presentations and promotional videos;

      — Creating animated graphic video clips on a turnkey basis;

      — Adding and applying video graphics and effects.

      Adding graphics to the video product improves the perception of information, increases the wow effect from watching the video and makes any video more dynamic.

      Dme Production Studio works with the whole world, and the company is recommended to friends and partners.

      Leave your application online now and get free consultation on all questions from professionals of their business.

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