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    Editing video for Instagram and Facebook is the creation of a high-capacity video from the finished footage, suitable for posting in the storizo and publishing on a social network. Such videos are usually entertaining or promotional in nature.

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      What is video editing for Instagram and Facebook

      What is video editing for Instagram & Facebook

      Video for Instagram and Facebook is a short video, capable of delivering information to the audience in a short time. Since Instagram and Facebook have a limitation on the length of video, it can be quite difficult to create good content. Such materials are used for publication in the stories of user accounts, companies, brands. The main task is to draw attention to a product, service or subscribe to the page.

      On the side of marketing strategies, the presence of video material increases recognition, loyalty to the brand, creates a positive reputation. Good editing is not the least important here, as the visual side of Instagram and Facebook is of special importance.

      Video editing process for Instagram and Facebook

      Video editing process for Instagram

      At first it may seem that the video editing of Instagram and Facebook clip is simple due to its short duration. However, in order for the video to be beautiful, high quality and bright, the following work should be done:

      1. Preparation – discussion with the customer about the main idea and concept of the future video. It also determines whether you need additional services, animation or graphics. Also here we make a rough estimate for the future works and adjust the idea according to the latest trends.
      2. Source Study – in order to find the necessary moments that will be included in the video, you need to fully view the footage.
      3. The process of editing – we cut out the best frames from the source so that your video is beautiful, dynamic and attracts attention. Thanks to our specialists, you won’t see the footage sticking together, the transitions will be smooth and invisible.
      4. Create and contribute computer design elements, animation, special effects.
      5. Color correction – to produce high-quality content you need to create a special atmosphere of video by giving it a unique color. It is also possible to correct the quality and stabilize the image (if possible).
      6. Color correction – to produce a special atmosphere of video by giving it a unique color.
      7. Sound – this stage is not required, video editing for Instagram and Facebook can be done with sound already present in the material you provided us. However, there is an additional
        option to overlay music or text.

      The content for a media resource is very specific, as it has limitations in format, resolution and duration. The experience and professionalism of Dme.Production studio staff allows you to solve problems of any complexity without losing quality.

      How much does it cost to install videos for Instagram and Facebook


      How much does video editing for Instagram and Facebook cost?

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      Mounting video to Instagram and Facebook is the same as any other video. However, there are clear limits to its duration, which makes the task much more complicated. The price of Instagram and Facebook video will depend on:

      1. Agency – the sooner you need the finishing material, the more expensive the job will be, as our specialists will have to work with double the force off schedule.
      2. Time – the service price will directly depend on the length of the future clip.
      3. Source material volume – the installers need to determine which source frames will be included in the content. If the footage is a few hours long, it will be much harder to do than, for example, with half-hour footage.
      4. Availability of graphics or animation – if you plan to use these tools in a future video, be prepared to spend extra money on their creation and implementation in the content.
      5. Processing – video sounding, its color and audio correction, title binding. In order to create high-quality content that can catch the audience, these stages are simply necessary.
      6. Processing – audio correction.

      You will be pleasantly surprised by the cost of editing video clips for Instagram and Facebook at Dme.Production. Our employees are experienced and qualified, so you can safely trust them with your video content.

      Why we the choice is Dme.Production

      Our studio has the newest software and performance hardware in order to perform high-quality video editing in Instagram and Facebook.

      What concerns the timing of the task, they may vary depending on the complexity. Thus, a simple assembly from the finished material can take only a day, and the embedding of graphics, processing can extend post-production. We will gladly perform video editing for Instagram and Facebook in the shortest possible time, or within the time frame you need.

      Why you should make an orded from us

      Creation of videos for Instagram and Facebook has a positive impact on the promotion of your account, respectively, directly affects the future profits from promotional content. The platform automatically lifts up positions in the ribbon that contain the clips, while the quality product keeps the user’s attention.

      Who ordered Instagram and Facebook video editing in Dme.Production studio, we guarantee:

      1. Beautiful emotion-inducing video.
      2. Roller production speed.
      3. Experienced, creative and professional performers.
      4. Enhance brand, company, account recognition.
      5. Virus advertising for your business or blog.

      No need to ignore the novelties in marketing, because social platforms and networks are the most effective place to promote your own business today. Order Instagram and Facebook video editing from us, make your account attractive and famous!

      Want to get a quality video for Instagram or Facebook?

      Dme Production Studio will create a great social media commercial for you.

      We will solve the following tasks while editing video for Instagram and Facebook:

      — Carry out the rough and finish editing;

      — Will apply visual effects, animate the logo, make color correction;

      — Will transform a raw video into a finished one that attracts the attention of the social network audience.

      Get exclusive video editing for instagram from professionals of production and promotion in social networks.

      Leave your application on the website and get a free consultation now!

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