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    Video for business — is a video clip that can solve several problems: improve the image of the company, increase reputation, increase sales or brand awareness. It all depends on the purpose of creating video for business.

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      Creating a video for a turnkey business from Dme.Production

      Video for business, why business needs video content
      Effective business development in present realities is impossible without dependable, working for attracting new audience business partners and potential customers, videos about the company, products and services provided.

      Sure you may not spend money and make a video on a cell phone, but the lack of high-quality voice acting, graphics and other effects that increase the audience’s interest in the content may not only fail in increasing the interest of the target audience, but also turn the public against the brand.

      To create a marketing video that will sell, you need to seek the help of professionals. Our company, DME Production, is a leader in the domestic market and offers quality services at the best price.

      Advertising video filmed using modern equipment, graphics, sound and other effects will allow:

      1. Increase conversions, sales.
      2. Increase return on investment.
      3. Increase the credibility of the company.
      4. Potential customers to get acquainted with new products, products or services in detail.
      5. Attract even the laziest buyers.

      Before starting creating a marketing video, our specialists perform a series of successive steps:

      1. create a plan, think through the idea;
      2. decide who will shoot and edit the video;
      3. optimize the video, depending on the place of uploading a video;
      4. add history, captions, titles;
      5. add “call to action”.

      Our team specializes in creating selling videos that are easy, accessible and unobtrusively talk about the product, brand, its advantages and features.

      Video for business is a tool for effective development. It is very important for modern consumers to have a visual confirmation of the company’s performance. Partners also seek to see for themselves. The best solution would be an advertising or image ad. Using DME Production, you can create a video that really helps your business to open up and show its best.

      Why should you contact DME Production to create a video for your business?

      films about companies, Video for business from Dme.Production
      Those who are trying to save money can be asked to rent a video for their own company on the phone. But this will not say anything good to partners and customers, but only push them away. As for high-quality shooting, voice acting, graphics and other effects, this will only increase the interest of the public, make it more loyal to the brand.

      We are leaders in the video production market, and we offer the best prices for work. It will be possible to remove material of decent quality, taking into account your budget.

      The film about the company is able to give the desired results, namely:

      1. Conversion increase, sales.
      2. Increased return on investment.
      3. Growing confidence in the company.
      4. Potential customers will have the opportunity to get acquainted with new or improved goods, services.
      5. Attracting the most lazy buyers. It’s easy to watch the video, no need to strain.

      At DME Production, we create turn-key video content, from script development to editing. At the same time, it will be possible to demonstrate the results on a variety of sites – video hosting, social networks.
      For example, a fashion video, a presentation film about a company or advertising to solve certain problems – all this is in the sphere of our professional competence.

      Work sequence for business video

      In the process of producing presentation films for a wide variety of companies, a group of our operators, editors and other specialists adhere to a single structure. Work steps look like this:

      1. Creating a plan, thinking out a video sequence.
      2. Making a decision about shooting and editing video.
      3. Optimize the video depending on where it will be shown.
      4. Adding history, captions, caption.
      5. Call to Action Additions.

      We have been working in the field of creating promotional informational videos for companies of any scale for many years. Creating a marketing strategy with our video content is absolutely not a difficult task.

      How much does a business video cost – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff "Start" from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff "Standard" from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      Do you want to get advertising, presentational and image-building video?

      company video, get a strong video for business
      Dme.Production has its own marketing department for creating video clips on a turnkey basis.

      We will develop a concept, write a script, record, voice and edit a video clip that will fulfil the following tasks:

      1. Video content for advertising on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram;
      2. Image video about business;
      3. Presentation film about the services and products of a company;
      4. Promotional video for reaching various goals and objectives.

      Get well-designed and selling video content made by experts.

      While you are thinking, your competitors are already earning much more money and improve their reputation.

      Leave an application on the site right now and get a quality video product by Dme.Production.

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