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    Creation of a video — the process of creating video content to provide the necessary information to the viewer. Video clips are divided in two types — feature film (with a plot) and animation (animated graphic images).

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      Creating turnkey videos from Dme.Production

      Creating turnkey videos from Dme-Production-123
      Creating videos is one of the main activities of our company, DME Production. According to their content, they may be advertising, social, educational or other purposes.

      Depending on the purpose, the video may last from several minutes to several hours. In any case, a video must deliver the necessary information to the target audience.

      Our main tasks are to achieve top results and recording videos of high quality. While working, we use only film and DSRL equipment that allows us to create a high-quality, bright picture with the lowest possible noise level.

      The soundtrack of the video fits the visuals, bears the semantic content and complements the plot. Our professional team creates videos not only for clients from Kyiv and other places around Ukraine but also cooperates remotely with foreign partners.

      After a specified in the contract period of time, a client gets:

      1. completely filmed and digitized material (“source”);
      2. completely done video of Full HD quality.

      Shooting high-quality videos is a complex, time-consuming process that can only be performed by professionals of our company, DME Production. We work with each client individually, taking into account all requirements concerning a video.

      The price of creating a video depends on many factors (quantity of work, the complexity of work associated with the filming and processing of the material), but it is available to customers. We offer favourable payment terms (cash/non-cash payment, payment with a bank card).

      Creating videos is a painstaking process that requires professional skills and creative thinking. Custom video production is one of the main areas of our work. DME Production removes advertising, social, educational, viral, clips and videos for other purposes. We are always open to dialogue, so as a result you get exactly what you expected.

      Features of cooperation

      The purpose of the video clips may be different, that is, their duration is different, the price too. There are already works in our arsenal lasting from several minutes to several hours. But not the time of viewing, the main thing, the main task of development is to bring certain information to the viewer.

      To achieve such a result, it is important to order shooting of excellent quality, which will give the same result.

      We use only professional cinema and DSRL equipment, which as a result gives a vivid picture, minimal noise level. The sound and picture are integral, reinforce the semantic direction.

      You can order a video of excellent quality from us, and this is available for residents of Kiev and any other region. We work even with clients from other countries, in which case communication is carried out remotely.

      The cost of creating a video

      The cost of creating a video-42342342

      How much does it cost to create a video and make a video – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      How much it costs to shoot a video right away will not work, because you need to know what to work with. But the price is affected by such factors:

      1. Volume Movie for 2 minutes, of course cheaper than half an hour.
      2. The number of preparatory tasks – studying the market, developing an ideology, writing a script and actually preparing for the shooting.
      3. The number of shooting days.
      4. Difficulties of the work – shooting conditions, the number of characters involved, additional props, effects.
      5. Material processing volume.
      6. The fees of all involved participants.

      What is the result

      features of video content creation-432423
      By ordering a video clip for a site, advertising, social, promotional, doodle or any other type you get:

      1. A source is digital footage in full.
      2. Ready video according to the technical specifications and according to the terms of the contract in Full HD format.

      You can pay by cash, credit card or bank account.

      Making a high-quality video is not so easy, but such a time-consuming process is under the power of a team of professionals from DME Production. You can order shooting right now by writing to us on the email or by calling the indicated phone numbers.

      Do you want to order the creation of a video clip and to get high-quality video content?

      Dme.Production creates video clips for any purposes and tasks:

      1. Promotional videos for business;
      2. Video clips for websites, for YouTube, for Facebook and Instagram;
      3. Special events coverage, interviews, presentations;
      4. Creating a video for a specific purpose.

      We can create a cool video using your material; moreover, we can record and edit a video clip on the turnkey basis.

      Don`t waste your time! Leave an application on the website right now and we will consult you on all questions completely free.

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