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    Selling video — is a type of commercial that is made in the form of live feature or animation video. The main purpose of this video is to increase sales of goods or services. Selling video can also be done in form of 2D or 3D animation.

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      Creating a selling turnkey video from Dme.Production

      One of the effective tools of a successful business is a video that sells, which affects the subconsciousness of the target audience at a distance, thereby attracting the attention of potential customers to the company or product.

      All video materials that push customers to purchase through overcoming fears refer to the selling video.

      Do not confuse selling video with a presentation or annoying ads. Its task is not to make a zombie, but to find a middle ground that will interest the client and make the client watch the video to the end.

      There are several unspoken rules that must be taken into account when creating a selling video for a business that helps achieve maximum results:

      1. The purpose of a video salesman. It is the presence of the target that pushes a person to action (getting advice, making a purchase).
      2. The target audience. The video script must be written for specific people who are interested in this product. Creating a video for everyone is material for nobody.
      3. The duration of the video. You should not stretch the video for an hour if all the important information can be delivered to the client in 20 minutes. But it should be interesting, otherwise, it will not be watched till the end.

      With the active growth of Internet marketing, creating a video that sells is not a whim, but a necessity. Customers from Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, as well as foreign customers, can order this service in our, DME Production company.

      Selling videos is one of the effective tools for a successful business today. Its influence on the subconscious of the target audience is really powerful. At the same time, having created such high-quality content once, it can be used for broadcast in different conditions. It will be possible to achieve the result – to draw the attention of potential customers, to push for a purchase.

      What is a selling video

      Videos that can push a customer to purchase, through overcoming fears and after exploring the benefits. But you should understand that selling video is not a presentation or advertising. The tasks for this content are different. To begin with, he does not zombie, but helps to find a middle ground. Due to this, the client will be interested and will certainly watch the video to the end.

      When creating sales videos, we are guided by several basic rules, due to this we can achieve maximum results. Our rules:

      1. The video should have a goal, namely its presence will help to push a person to action, that is, make the same purchase.
      2. The target audience. To hook her interests, you need a well-designed script. It is written for specific people who are interested in the video. We do not go by creating material for everyone, because such a selling video will not find a response from anyone.
      3. Duration Selling video should not last longer than 60 minutes – bust. Information that the manufacturer considers important can be placed in 20 minutes. But we make all these 20 minutes interesting, otherwise the video simply will not be watched.

      It should be understood that creating a selling video in a modern market is a necessity. You can order such content from us, and it is available for companies from all over Ukraine and from abroad.

      Where to use the selling video

      We offer the creation of a selling video of such quality that can be shown under different conditions. The production of such a media product is our vocation, so you can be sure of an excellent result..

      Possible uses:

      1. Placement on the pages of social networks of the company.
      2. Publication on the company’s website, including corporate.
      3. Demonstration on TV, another media resource.

      We are ready to shoot and edit the video according to your or our scenario. Animation, additional visual effects, voice acting – all this is at your service as well. Do not hesitate and stop thinking – selling video is modern, relevant and interesting for a potential client.

      How much does a sales video for advertising cost – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      Do you want to get a selling video for advertising or other purposes?

      Dme.Production has its own marketing department and is professionally engaged in the production of selling video content.

      You can get a selling video for the following purposes:

      1. For posting on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube;
      2. For publication on your site;
      3. For displaying it on TV and any other media resource.

      We will record and edit a video based either on your or our script. There will be animation, cool effects and voice acting by a professional speaker.

      We will develop an idea and write a script that will make this video selling a selling one.

      Stop thinking and doubting, while you wait, competitors take money from your potential clients.

      Leave an application right now and get a free consultation from the experts from Dme.Production.

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