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    Screenwriting for a commercial video — is a process of writing brief events for the production of an advertising video followed by further shooting or developing an animated video.

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      Creating a turnkey script from Dme.Production

      To make an effective video of high-quality that works on top results, a well-written scenario is required. It is one of the stages of creating a video, but it is the script that reveals the main idea.

      You can order the creation of a video with a written script on a turnkey basis and the fulfilment of all milestones, in our company, DME Production. A pre-written script will allow you to prepare the necessary props, a team of actors and film crew, equipment.

      While writing a script, it is needed to define the purpose and objectives of the video. It is also needed to be decided the target audience of a video (men, women, young people, elderly people)

      The shorter the video will be, the more chances it to be watched until the end. The use of corporate identity elements (logo, colour), will attract the attention of potential customers, make the brand recognizable.

      A prerequisite while writing a scenario is text writing. Considering that the audience perceives everything by ear, the script should use simple formulations that easily can be read and understood.

      The following terms are used to describe a frame:

      1. footages;
      2. packshot;
      3. disclaimer;
      4. subprint;
      5. plan.

      Each term is responsible for certain actions, the combination of which allows you to create an overall picture understandable to the viewer. An effective script allows creating a high-quality video that works for a positive result.

      Scripting videos is like a work plan, the careful elaboration of which is the key to the success of the video. It doesn’t matter here, it’s a script for advertising, a clip, a presentation, a promotional video and any other video material – attention to all the details, creativity, understanding of what you are working with is important. We at DME Production have experience creating scripts for a wide variety of videos, so we know how to write and implement an idea.

      The importance of the script

      If you need an original video, then ready-made scripts should not be used. As an example, they are acceptable, but still you need to make a unique one. When writing the first thing you need to determine the goals and objectives. It is necessary to understand for what target audience is created – men, women, youth or older people.

      The plot for advertising depends on the product that will be the main participant in the video. For a social video, it’s important to pay attention to certain issues, often shock to attract attention.

      It is important to remember that the shorter the movie, the more likely it is to be screened to the end. When it comes to advertising, it is very important to use elements of corporate identity. It can be a logo, colors, slogan. With their help, it will be possible to attract the attention of a potential user, to make the brand more recognizable.

      A script is primarily a text. It should be easy to understand, because it will be heard in the video. That is, the simpler the wording, the better. It would seem that it became clear how to write a text, but having no experience, after the first or first sentences there will come a stupor.

      How to create a video script?

      How much does a video script cost?

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      It all starts with an idea and you propose it. The rest is up to us, an approximate algorithm of actions:

      1. Description of characters, their unique features, if any.
      2. Environmental characteristics, frame mood.
      3. The text is divided into parts, so it’s easier to edit the video as a result.
      4. For videos that don’t have a clear script, the sequence of questions that need to be addressed.

      What scenario do we offer

      Writing a commercial in simple or literary language is not a difficult task for us. Extensive experience in creating turnkey videos helps in this. All you need to give an idea and express your wishes. And also outline the desired budget, then our work. The staff of screenwriters are creative, creative people who know how to keep the muse and get a lot of original ideas from it.

      Do you want to order a creative, selling and interesting script for a video clip?

      Dme.Production team writes scripts according to your suggestions and ideas.

      Do not have any ideas? We will develop it instead of you and will make it on a turnkey basis.

      We will write the script for your purpose in a creative and professional way.

      For commercials, company presentations, animated promo videos and for any other content.

      A well-written script is the main key to success of your video.

      We will help in solving this problem in the shortest time span.

      Dme.Production team will write a cool script using which you can record a high-quality video product.

      Leave an application right now for discussing your project and get a free consultation by members of Dme.Production.

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