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    Reportage photography is a professional way to convey the atmosphere of an event, fixing it in faces and emotions. It is used for covering events, concerts, political events, corporate or ceremonial meetings. Also widely distributed in the business area where it delivers key moments of activity or production.

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      What is reportage photography?

      What is reportage shooting_

      Report shooting is a type of video that displays the dynamics of events, and that also brings the right message to the audience. In this case, the plot can be staged or spontaneous. Today, this type of content can be used for entertaining or informational purposes. The main task is to fix main episodes of a meeting, a public or private event. Such videos are posted on new or company sites, brand, blog or social network resources.

      Appearing of reportage video in the business can qualitatively increase confidence in a company or brand, to form a positive public opinion. Similar effect can also be reached by a reportage photo, which is an integral part of any important event. You can also use this option to create presentation content, training or seminars. Reportage photography is widely used for weddings, corporate meetings and private parties.

      Stages of creating of reportage photography

      Stages of reportage filming

      To create a quality material that conveys objectives of the video, it is necessary to follow several steps:

      1. Brief discussion, approximate budget – here we discuss the subject, the concept.
        the video. It also clarifies the type of filming and the required processing of the video. A rough budget is made up here
      2. Viewing the place, where the filming will take place – this stage is necessary in order to operators understood the conditions, locations and the level of illumination of the location. According to what we’ve seen, it will be possible to determine the best location for cameras for better reportage results.
      3. Report shooting – actions of operators “in the field”, capturing events, people, moods with specialized equipment.
      4. Processing of materials – full post-production. This stage includes editing (footage from different camera angles can be used), add infographics, manipulation with the sound component (clearing of extraneous noise, narration).

      These items can also be expanded depending on the customer’s needs.Our team of professionals is ready to help you with creation of a good reportage photography.

      Report shooting price

      How much does shooting a reportage cost?

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      It is impossible to name the specific price of a reportage, because the price is determined by a lot of the services that will be needed to design the material. In general, the cost reportage will depend directly on such factors:

      1. The type of shooting – static, panoramic, creative, concert. For each type different types of equipment is involved as well as different amount of staff involved.
      2. Time, filming hours – the length of the video is directly related to the time spent creating it. The longer an operator is on site, the higher will be the cost of the video.
      3. The number of staff and equipment involved – one or multiple cameras, the need for one or two or three operators also changes the price.
      4. Additional services of post production – sounding, color correction, editing.
      5. Editing can come from several sources and gather only important points.
      6. Color correction service is necessary if the shooting was done in bad illuminating conditions.
      7. Creation of an overview video – if the material will be placed on the news or broadcast.
        information channels, usually “promo” is made, where the key points of events are collected.
      8. Timeframes – the tighter the deadlines, the more more specialists need to be involved simultaneously

      Despite the many nuances that make up the total cost of reporting, the Dme.Production studio can surprise with competitive prices as well as a high level of quality.

      The benefits of working with Dme.Production

      In our studio there are professional cameramen who are able to shoot qualitatively.
      reporting within a clear framework of your goals. A qualified team of editors and sound engineers will do the best they can in their field to ensure that it was your report that was bright, informative, available to a wide audience.

      Dme.Production studio has the latest equipment for shooting (whether it is video or reportage photo), which will make the content of the highest quality. Sound can be recorded from both loop microphones and special noise suppressors if the video is being filmed in noisy places. Creation time directly depends on the additional options selected but we’re willing to do the work on the established deadlines without loss of quality.

      Why this type of shooting is needed

      Why make a reportage video

      It is difficult for business to reevaluate the merits of having reportage content because
      this type of video and photo material greatly enhances trust in business and also carries
      entertaining character (when creating wedding, concert videos). Why should you order
      service at Dme.Production:

      1. This video increases the rating and reputation of the company, respectively, and the amount of potential customers.
      2. Professional operators and installers will create exactly the content that
        you need to promote.
      3. Complete support at all stages of report creation.
      4. High quality voice and color correction for clear and detailed perception of submitted information.

      Don’t wait for the competition to get ahead of you! Order reportage in the studio, take your business to the next level!

      Are you looking for a solid partner to arrange event shooting?

      Dme.Production studio in a quality manner and in due time will help with the following:

      Event shooting and editing according to a scenario;

      Development of the ideas of shooting, shooting and postproduction;

      Transforming of the recorded material into a strong and cool product.

      Entrust the works on shooting to the experts of their business, Dme Production.

      Leave an application right now to get a free consultation.

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