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    Promo clip — is a video clip the main purpose of which is to advertise a product, brand, service or company. The main objective of this video is to increase sales and brand awareness in order to increase company profits.

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      Creating promotional clips turnkey from Dme.Production

      promotional video, Creating promotional videos from Dme.Production
      To tell briefly about a company or event is possible with the help of a promotional video duration of which is often not longer than one minute. The main purpose of the promotional video is not to advertise, but to familiarize a target audience with a product, causing the interest of the audience.

      The advantages of promotional clips are as follows:

      1. no binding to different formats;
      2. absence intrusiveness inherent in commercials;
      3. absence of binding to timing;
      4. possibility of broadcasting of the promotional clip anywhere (laws on advertising on the promotional video do not apply).

      The process of creating a promotional clip is quite interesting but difficult and time-consuming. Before its creation, it is necessary to determine the budget, place of broadcast and the main purpose of the video.

      You can order a high-quality promotional video that will work efficiently and bring positive results in our company, DME Production. Our team of professionals works individually with each client.

      When ordering a promotional video from us, the customer will receive a finished product, not the same as everyone else, but with the use of exceptional solutions, which will make it possible to stand out among the competitors, while winning their market share.

      So that the promotional video does not undergo the fate of annoying advertising, which few people pay attention to, while creating it we introduce entertainment elements. They attract the target audience, drawing the audience’s attention to the company, allowing the brand to stand out from the crowd.

      A promotional video is a video that talks about a company, event, promotion or other important event. The duration of this video is no more than 1 minute. Its creation has certain features, because in such a short material it is necessary to submit exhaustive information and provide all the necessary data. Promo clip from DME Production – it’s fast, high quality, professional.

      What is a promotional video from DME.Production?

      promotional video, What is a promotional video
      Creating a video about a company, goods, services is not so much advertising as acquainting the target audience with certain information that they may be interested in. This video format has many advantages, among them:

      1. No binding to a specific format.
      2. There is no importuning characteristic of advertising.
      3. No timing.
      4. Manages to broadcast anywhere. Promotional Advertising Act Does Not Work.

      Actually, the shooting process is interesting, but not without difficulties. First of all, it is important to outline what budget you are willing to spend on its creation, place of broadcasting, the main purpose of the video.
      In order for a promotional video not to be regarded as an advertisement that is simply annoying, it’s worth introducing a certain entertaining element into the video sequence. This attracts the target audience, thereby viewers pay attention to what is shown. All this makes it possible to stand out from the crowd.

      Stages of creating a promotional video

      promotional video, Stages of creating a promotional video

      How much does a promo video cost?

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $299 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $499 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $899 from 10 days

      Shooting a video in a promo format requires some preparation, to shoot everything in one take, it just doesn’t work out. To do exactly what the client wants, you need to go through certain steps:

      1. Concept creation. The first step is to come up with and work out an idea. The concept in this case is everything.
      2. Script writing. A ready-made idea must first be embodied in a text – script. The format can be different – literary, cinematic. It’s important to prescribe every little thing so that there are no hitches during the shooting.
      3. Storyboard. In simple words, this is how the director will see. This gives you the opportunity to take a look at the promotional video even before it is shot. Almost 80% of the information in their video is perceived visually. And from how quality the storyboard will be done, the better the result.
      4. Casting and location selection. It is required to determine the location of the shoot and select the actors.
      5. Filming.
      6. Post production. This is the process of collecting material together. This is editing, mixing sound, adding computer graphics as needed.

      Do you want to get creative promo video that sells?

      Dme. Production creates promotional videos of any complexity for a wide variety of purposes:

      1. Video clips for advertising goods and services;
      2. Image-building videos about the company;
      3. Corporate promotional video;
      4. Animated promo video with motion design.

      Promo video will help catch the interest of the target consumer familiarizing them in details with your business, product or service. It will improve the company’s image and reputation in general.

      You can use promotional videos on your website, meetings, for displaying on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

      We will do everything for you “on the turnkey basis”. We will:

      1. write a script;
      2. record;
      3. add a soundtrack;
      4. edit.

      Rely the creation of your promotional video on real professionals from Dme. Production.

      Leave an application right now to discuss your project and to get a free consultation.

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