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    Post production is a process of creating visuals where all the source material is ordered, creating the final version of the video. Also, in the process of creation we imply soundtrack, subtitles and colour correction is made. The main goal is to get attractive content, that can increase sales, brand awareness or blog activity.

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      What is post-production?

      What is post-production

      Post-production is a process of collecting of all the components of the video (recorded material, sound) into a single whole to get the final result. Processing concerns all aspects of the recording process. Such content can already be presented to the audience at a media resource for entertainment, advertising purposes or explanations of service/product principles.

      It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the post-production stage, as it is here that the unique atmosphere of the video and graphic effects are created. Upon completion you get a beautiful product that can trigger positive emotions from watching. Constantly improving special effects can enhance the impression, thereby attracting more attention to your product, service or business area.

      How does the post production process in Dme.Production occur?

      The stages of production in one of the best post production studios in Kiev:

      1. Editing – the process consists of a rough and clean versions. Thus the best duplicates of a shot material or animation are selected and connected, according to the confirmed scenario.

      At a stage of rough editing there is a possibility to correct the future, having cut out unnecessary shots. Final editing is the final version of the video sequence, over which further manipulations will be performed. It depends on the skills of the specialists whether the idea of the video for the target audience will be clear and whether it will be necessary to re-record some episodes to achieve the desired quality of the video.

      2. Compositing – this stage allows you to create a complete image from multiple layers of the footage in total with computer objects, animated characters. In this process also applies advanced equipment and software that allows you to create smooth transitions, shadows, textures.

      3. Color correction – it is a process of giving the video saturation of colors according to the preferences of the customer. With the help of color correction you can remove lighting defects, change tonal range, change color of certain video elements, give it unique effects. Given the ever-increasing requirements for the visual range, you should not neglect this step of postproduction to get a really good product.

      4. Sound – overlay the sound track on the finished material. Here you can record the pure version of the narrator’s or actor’s text, music and add effects. If necessary, music bands, soloists, composers can be involved.

      50% of the success of the video material depends on the level of the sound component, because the perception of the content takes place through two senses at once. The process of bringing the video to the required format, compression, archiving, adaptation to different types of screens (television, large format, portable devices) is being competed.

      How much does the post-production service cost?

      How much does postproduction cost

      How much does a post-production service cost?

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      Sufficiency in post-production is determined not only by the professionalism of the team, but also by also by the availability of the necessary equipment to implement any ideas.

      Too low cost may indicate inexperience on the part of the performer, which does not guarantee quality to complete the task. It may also impose technical limitations on the capabilities of any part of the post-production.

      Typically, the price of the service is included in the general price of production of the video “from scratch”. The final price will depend on the number of edits made at this stage. If the original video was filmed by you yourself, all you have to do is to bring it to the right quality, add special effects elements – the price will be directly related to complexity of the assigned task, the number of animated elements.

      Our team of professionals is ready to help with achieving a great end result at a reasonable cost!

      Benefits of working with Dme.Production

      Benefits of post production with Dme.Production

      To create a good video that can deliver the necessary information through images and sound, you need a professional team. When ordering a service from us, you get quality content for your resource that can catch the audience.

      The newest high-class hardware and software allow to implement the most daring ideas, to build your own little world and show it in a video. Implementing the task may take from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the complexity of the edits made.

      Designers, sound engineers, post-production studio editors are fans of their business, and never rest on their laurels and introduce new techniques to achieve the best of the result.

      Each employee of the studio is highly responsible for their segment,
      so you can be sure that the work will be done in good quality, on time and will exceed all expectations. To confirm said above, we are prepared portfolio, as well as share feedback from our satisfied customers.

      Why you should make an order from us?

      Qualitative video content is the basis for many modern marketing strategies.

      Ordering a service in our post-production studio, you will get:

      1. Videos that can get the audience’s attention.
      2. Improving site conversion from video availability.
      3. Brand, company, or resource memorability.
      4. Good sound effects.
      5. The most modern special effects.
      6. Skilled specialists, ready to implement the most daring ideas.

      If you need to pay attention to your site, blog or page – there is a video “must have” to raise it in the ranking of search engines. Do not wait until the popularity falls from the sky, order a post-production video and enjoy the results brought by quality content!

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