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    Panoramic shooting is video where the view is not limited to the capture of the lens, but is 360 degrees horizontal or vertical. This type of clips is used not only in advertising environment, but also VR technology, when creating virtual tours.

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      What is panoramic shooting

      What is panoramic shooting_

      Panoramic Shooting is a kind of video where a person can see all the details of their environment while being “in the center” of events or objects. At the moment, creating a panorama in the video is distributed in presentations, promotional materials, coverage of cultural events (concerts, festivals, theater performances), interactive tours, lectures. Viewing 360 panoramic shooting is possible on portable gadgets (smartphones, tablets), personal computers, using virtual reality technology.

      Creation of 360 panoramas opens up opportunities to present services, goods, brands from a non-standard point of view, attracting attention due to the uniqueness of the project. In commercials it is possible to make the main character of the most dynamic scene watching. If it is a tour of architectural objects, historical monuments (also using 3D reconstructions), museums, you can make elements of interactive interaction, giving the opportunity to choose a further route.

      Stages of panorama filming

      In order to create it correctly, it is necessary to divide the process into stages:

        1. Get a report on the project – what exactly should the video, the customer’s ideas. You can also use photos of the location, other materials that allow you to understand the conditions in which the shooting will take place, on what devices will be viewed, whether it will be a live broadcast and other important points.
        2. Concept development – scenario preparation, discussion of sounding, music recording.
        3. Creation of animation – here you can see a draft clip where the main positions of the camera are marked, the sound is recorded and superimposed on the project. By means of this stage it is possible to understand approximately, how the future video will look.
        4. Production – recording a clip in a given location with the necessary parameters, introducing graphic items or effects.

      Post-production – editing of finished material, frame mixing, overlaying of sound component on finished video.

      All stages of panoramic shooting are carefully thought out by our specialists to get the best result. We are always ready to help if you do not have the source material, a certain concept or idea.

      Price for panoramic shooting

      The cost of panoramic shooting

      How much does panoramic shooting cost?

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      The main criterion for determining the cost of creating 360 panoramas is the time spent on direct shooting. The following things also affect the price:

      1. Combining – when taking panoramic pictures, the camera can be at an angle to the object or its movement path. In this case it will be necessary to level out the influence of these factors by making adjustments to the frames.
      2. Stabilization – used when the camera was exposed to vibrations during direct shooting. In this case, the video may not be as clear as needed and the stabilization process is used to correct it.
      3. Rendering – creation of a static panorama, where you can rotate rooms or objects “around yourself”. It is used in 3D tours, infographics and training materials.
      4. Advanced services – editing, sounding, adding captions, other graphic elements or special effects directly affect the cost of the virtual panorama.
      5. Resolution in which it is necessary to create a video panoramic shooting – the video must be brought to the desired format, resolution, which affects the cost.

      The final price can be found out only after discussing all the details with the studio representatives, because all depends on the complexity of work, additional services, time spent on the creation of the video.

      Preferences of ordering with us

      Stages of panoramic shooting

      The presence of clips significantly increases the conversion of sites, video is more interested in the modern audience than just text. In addition, by touching two senses at once – vision and hearing – such content contributes to better memorability of information. And if the picture is also original, the viewer will remember your company and tell / show your friends. Ordering a panorama filming in the studio, you will get quality work for a pleasant price.

      Our high-end specialists are constantly mastering new techniques that improve not only the quality of future video, but also the speed of its creation. Studio Dme.Production has the latest equipment capable of capturing important moments in your life, to reveal the idea of business, product or service to buyers or investors, to leave vivid emotions after watching ads. Happy customers will be happy to share their impressions of cooperation, and the results can always be viewed in the portfolio.

      Why do you need panoramic video

      Vivid video for your promotion can multiply sales, views or investments. An unforgettable experience is a great excuse to create a panorama not only for the company, but also for use on a personal blog or website. Having ordered the service in the studio Dme.Production you get:

      1. Full support from our specialists at all stages of production.
      2. Qualitative content that meets all your requirements (and more).
      3. Improving confidence and proof of business seriousness.
      4. Pleasant prices for 360 degree panoramic filming.
      5. It is something unique, not something like your competitors

      In our time, the use of panoramic shooting is not only available to large firms, which is why it is increasingly used in video for different purposes. Do not think long, order panorama in our studio and develop your business qualitatively!

      Do you need a panoramic shoot to be done?

      Dme.Production Studio will perform qualitatively and in due time a task on creation of a virtual panorama for a certain purpose or task.

      We can help you with the following:

      — 360 degree panoramic shooting;

      — 180 degree virtual panorama creation;

      — Creation of a virtual tour and implying ot to your website.

      Leave your application online now and get a free consultation.

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