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    Object Shooting is the creation of high quality images of objects for the presentation of their external characteristics (construction, design, textures). Widely used in marketing strategies to increase conversion of sites, online stores.

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      What’s object shooting

      What is subject shooting

      Object photography is a genre of photography in which, in addition to the aesthetic look, it is important to display the texture and character of the subject being photographed. It is possible to shoot not only the object itself on a neutral background, but also to create compositions from groups of goods, united by a target purpose or a common concept. Today, the main industry, where subject photography is used, are online stores. But it is not limited to them, such pictures can be used in social networks to promote the restaurant business, in booklets, periodicals, catalogues, posters and postcards.

      Object photo allows a potential buyer or customer to view the goods in detail in the online store. However, this type of photo is used not only in sales. You can also make beautiful pictures with original dishes and cocktails of your institution for the menu, large objects (car, furniture). Qualitatively made pictures increase the desire to buy an item or come to your restaurant and try the dish you like.

      To reach the success of your business, it is important to choose the right subject photographer, because the quality of content will directly depend on the reaction of the audience. It is worth entrusting such a responsible task to a professional with experience in this segment, as well as the necessary equipment for the subject photography. In this case, the effect of the work done will last a long time, and potential clients will become real.

      Filming process

      Subject shooting process

      An object or a group of photos, the background should form a coherent artistic image. In order to get good shots and properly conduct the object photography, you must pass the following stages:

      1. Brief. This is quite a broad concept for a product photographer, because it not only discusses customer preferences, but also develops the concept, design of future shots. Here we also define what kind of specialists we need to attract in order to obtain high-quality materials, and think about solving technical problems.
      2. Cooking. This can include the preparation of the goods for shooting, the elimination of visual defects of the object provided by the customer, the selection of the optimal background, display and installation of lighting fixtures, setting up the equipment, search for perspective.
      3. Picture of objects. This step implies the work of the photographer directly in the room or on the location. Depending on the direction of the photo shoot, the decor, equipment, additional elements present in the frame on the plan.
      4. Processing. Here we select the best frames and perform color correction, contrast adjustment, retouching. This stage is very important for a quality subject photo, because it can set the mood, the atmosphere of the frame, as well as adjust the lighting, if the photos were taken on the street.
      5. Print. This stage may be present if the customer needs materials on paper. Otherwise photos are transferred on the selected digital media (flash drive, memory card, disk) in the format required by the customer.

      Each stage is a responsible part of the shooting for a catalogue or website, because the result of the photo shoot depends on their success. Our professional photographers clearly know how to make the best shots for your business and work on it with pleasure.

      Types of Subject Shooting

      There is an opinion that the shooting of objects is limited only to the goods of online stores, but it is not. There are several directions of this genre, and each of them has its own features.

      1. Advertising photo – is created to demonstrate the advantages of the object being photographed as accurately as possible. Here great attention is paid to the texture, design, the main elements of objects. The main task is the presentation of the goods offered for sale on the best side and in such a way that the picture encourages the purchase.
      2. Food photo – shooting food, ready-made dishes of the institution. With the help of such photos placed in social networks, on other portals, it is possible to attract new guests. For those who conduct culinary blogs, such a genre is simply necessary, as accounts should be constantly updated with fresh photos. The main purpose of a photo shoot is to awaken appetite and desire to buy products or dishes. Pictures are also used in culinary publications, menus or magazines. It is not necessary that only the food itself should be in the picture, you can add to the composition of its ingredients, cooking tools. In order to properly structure the composition and prepare the dishes for shooting, you need to follow the trends, as well as have knowledge in the field of food-stylistics.
      3. Flat – a style of subject photography in which the image is created at an angle of 90 degrees from the subject. Such a photo seems flat, chaotic because it contains not only the product to be presented. However, it also has its own rules and regulations, which should be clearly followed. To get a beautiful image, a thematic decor is also used, which makes up a whole composition.
      4. Photo of dimensional objects. Such goods as cars, furniture, large household appliances require a special approach. Here there are a lot of nuances related not only to the volume of the room where the shooting takes place, but also to the correct lighting, the effect of distortion, extra glare and so on.

      Catalogue photography can be multi-faceted and quite complex, as there are separate rules for each style. We do the subject shooting in Kharkov, Dnipro, according to your wishes, as well as at a high professional level, which gives you the result of high-quality content for the resource.

      What is the price of object shooting at Dme

      How much does subject shooting cost_

      How much does product photography cost in Dme – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      Today there are a lot of offers in the market, and the price of object photography can vary in a wide range. You should pay attention to freelance projects, as well as super cheap photographers, because the result can not only disappoint, but also frustrate your marketing plans. You should carefully review your photographer’s portfolio before ordering a photo set, and you can also chat with clients, whom professionals do not hide at all. Our portfolio is available to everyone, we are proud of our work, and our clients are satisfied with the result.

      The process of taking pictures of goods is a multilevel task, therefore the question of the final price will depend on the complexity of the task set before us, as well as the attraction of additional staff. In order to determine the final cost of professional subject photography in Dme.Production, it is necessary to consider the following factors:

      1. Place to shoot. It could be our studio, or a public institution, street, park. In case of street shooting, we will need to go to the place with additional equipment, including light, if necessary. If this happens in a closed location, we will need to obtain permission to rent or rent the appropriate property.
      2. Urgency. If you are limited to a strict deadline, we can discuss with you the acceleration of work, but this will increase the cost of service due to the higher man-hours during after-hours.
      3. The presence of the model in the frame. Clothes, shoes and accessories are often shot with guest models, which complicates the whole process and increases the project cost.
      4. Type of product. Here the price of the service depends on the complexity and size of the object of the photo. Mirror surfaces, abundance of stones and other moments present in furniture, clothes, jewelry or costume jewelry create additional complexity. And shooting, which requires little space, is significantly different from photography in a spacious studio.
      5. Processing. There are several levels of photo improvement. You may not need to resort to this stage if you want to get rough pictures, but in order for the images to look attractive, we must perform all the necessary manipulations. Depending on the quality level of processing, the cost will also change.
      6. The number of blank pictures. If the footage should provide you with several images as a result, we will select the best ones and work with them. However, the services for processing 10 or 50 pictures will have different costs.

      Also at your request we can make a slideshow from the received materials and introduce computer design elements, logos, watermarks into your photos. Each of the above aspects is discussed on the first brief, at the end of which you will be able to get an approximate estimate for taking a subject photo. At Dme.Production we are also ready to discuss individual conditions for large volumes of work to be carried out, so that you will be satisfied with our cooperation.

      Why you should order from it from us

      Above all, it should be noted that our photographers constantly keep their hands on the pulse of new developments and trends in their field of activity. In addition, they actively use their skills and knowledge, improve their skills to ensure that you get an unsurpassed result. Our studio has the newest productive equipment and the latest software developments, which makes processing of your photo subjects even faster and better.

      With regard to the timing of the task, you can clearly say only after individual discussion of all the details and additional services you need. In general, everything will depend on the number of frames you need, as well as the time for their processing. Process may take from several days, taking into account the photo shoot and the preparatory phase. Anyways, we are ready to discuss the deadline pressure.

      We provide the service of object photography in Kiev, Odessa for a long time and have gained a reputation in this area. At any time you can view our portfolio and make the right choice by ordering photos from us. A well-coordinated team of Dme.Production to complete the task just in time, and for a very nice fee, which will not affect the quality of the final product.

      Why does a business need object shooting

      Why business needs a subject shot

      Picture of objects creates a positive image of the store or institution, transmitting it through the stylistics, general appearance of objects or products. Beautiful design and quality photos increase consumer confidence, as well as affect the time spent by the client on the site. Today, advertising photography is one of the key factors for successful sale, as a pleasant image encourages you to touch an object, and thus buy. Even if it is not possible to make a purchase at the moment, a person will remember the site and will definitely come back to you.

      Ordering the service of the photographer for the online store from us, you are guaranteed to get:

      1. Professional advice and assistance in choosing the style, angle and type of photography you need.
      2. Unlimited technical possibilities for realization of the brightest ideas and concepts.
      3. Qualitative processing of the received photo material by means of advanced technologies.
      4. Beautiful images for your website, blog, print products.
      5. Enhancement of audience interest in the resource, product, as well as increase in sales.
      6. Recognizability of the brand, the company through the individual characteristics of the images according to your wishes.

      You should take a maximum from new techniques and sales increasing!One of them is object shooting, which you can easily order at Dme.Production and as a result you can enjoy a beautiful result.

      Do you need a professional object shooting?

      Dme.Production Studio will help you with the following issues in due time:

      — Object photography of goods for online stores;

      — Object photography of products for Facebook and Instagram;

      — Catalog shooting;

      — Object photography of goods of any size.

      Get selling photos and videos for your products from your Dme.Production, experts of the business.

      Don’t waste your time, leave your application now and get free consultation!

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