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    Shooting in nightclubs is the creation of photo or video material during a party, concert or DJ performance. It is used not only to capture the highlights of the event, but also for advertising purposes.

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      What’s club filming

      What is club photography

      Club photography is an opportunity to leave a memory of a party, its members, a corporate party or other event that was organized in a nightclub. The main purpose of such material is to convey the emotions of visitors, record the performance of the artists. Also used to create archives of events, reports on parties, advertising presentations of the institution. Video filming allows to attract the audience, showing all the advantages and atmosphere of the club.

      How do we do it

      What is club photography

      Club shooting, like any video, is not created at once. In order to get quality content, it is necessary:

      1. Preparation – discussion of the video concept, video plot, which points should be emphasized. Also the number of cameramen and photographers who should be present at the event is determined here.
      2. Viewing the place – it’s important for operators to understand the features of the room, the light to achieve better results.
      3. Equipment selection – shooting in a nightclub has its own features, as usually it is a dark place with lots of bright flashes. Normal cameras and cameras are not suitable for such shootings as they do not have the appropriate settings.
      4. Collection of additional staff – some customers create promotional videos with actors who set the right mood.
      5. Editing, color correction – in order to make the video as bright and emotional as possible, mounting is used. Colour changes do not necessarily occur as the original lighting is often the club’s calling card.

      The staff of Dme.Production studio has special skills for filming in nightclubs, so we can guarantee high-quality clean content.

      How much does it cost to shoot in the club

      How much does it cost to shoot in a club

      How much does shooting in a club cost?

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      You can’t tell exactly how much a video club life will cost, because the price depends on several factors:

      1. Operator working hours – payment is made hourly or by agreement. The process may take several hours or all night, depending on the preferences of the customer.
      2. Number of operators/photographers – if you need more than one camera, additional photographer, the cost of video will increase. Multiple cameramen are welcome, so you can catch more highlights of your performance or party.
      3. Processing – sound correction, clip editing, color correction, photo retouching – all these aspects affect the final price. You may want to contribute some graphic elements, which may also become a kind of “chip” in the presentation of the club.
      4. Length – the longer the clip will be, and the more materials will need to be mounted, the higher the price of the end material.

      You should not forget that the prices may differ, however, low cost cannot guarantee that the task will be completed and the video will be of the desired quality. The employees of the Dme.Production studio are happy to work on the road, and the price of the service will make you happy.

      Why you should entrust the Dme

      We have the best cameramen and photographers who are able to blend into the atmosphere of the place as much as possible, choosing the right angles and moments to shoot in the club. In addition, we have high-level professional equipment that can show your event bright, colorful and fun. Editors and proofreaders working with advanced computer programs will also help to increase the drive from your party.

      What concerns the timing of the task, everything depends on the level of post-production complexity – the more processing is needed, the more we need to work on your video. On average, content creation can take from one to several weeks. When all the agreed tasks are completed, you will get a quality video that can show the event and institution in the best possible way, which will surely attract a new audience.

      What do you get as a result

      The atmosphere of joy, freedom and drive from music can be not only a memory of the time spent, but also a great promotional move to attract new visitors.

      1. A team of professional cameramen and photographers who know how to show the place from the best angle.
      2. Qualitative materials for placement on websites, social networks.
      3. The ability to create a presentation of the institution not only for new visitors, but also for potential investors or partners.
      4. The impression of a bright personal or corporate event.

      Leave a lasting impression of a pulsating club life, concert or theme party! Order a shoot at the Dme.Production studio and enjoy vivid emotions over and over again!

      Would you like to order a club video recording from a team of experts of their business?

      Professional operators from Dme.Production studio will solve such problems in a high quality way:

      — Full-time shooting of a club event or celebration;

      — Shooting a club corporate party or concert.

      Dme.Production will perform professional and cool shooting of any event held in a club or a pub!

      Leave your application on our website right now and get a free detailed consultation that will cover all your questions.

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