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    Multimedia presentation is a material that contains text, photos, video, animation (2D, 3D), voice recording, sound accompaniment. Widely used in training or business, as one of the most effective tools to convey information to the audience.

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      What is a multimedia presentation

      What is a multimedia presentation

      Multimedia presentation is a mounted file that is created to clearly explain the necessary information. It may contain interactive elements that allow the user to interact with the image. Such files allow a detailed description of a product or service in a visual form. In combination with an audio track, the memorability of materials is increased by many times compared to audio recordings or simple graphic presentations.

      In business, the use of multimedia presentations opens up the possibility to make conferences, catalogues, exhibitions, as well as to present goods, services or brand in a clear and interesting form. The creation of multimedia presentations is based on different software, so the properties and format may change. The studio provides this service in any form you need.

      How the multimedia presentation is created

      How to create a multimedia presentation

      Creation of multimedia presentation consists of the following stages:

      1. Projecting – this is where the objectives are defined, audio and visual materials are collected, grouped, the main idea and strategy of presentation of information, the sequence of presentation is formed.
      2. Construction – at this stage the design is formed, animation files are added, voice files are sounded, slides are filled with text information.
      3. Modeling – allows checking the presentation, correcting materials, resulting in the final product.

      Every stage is carefully studied by our specialists to achieve the best results.

      How much does a multimedia presentation cost

      How much does a multimedia presentation cost

      How much does a multimedia presentation cost – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      Today, the format of an infographics or a slideshow is no longer emotive. Here comes the development of multimedia presentation that can look beautiful and at the same time informative. The price of the service in Dme.Production depends on the following factors:

      1. Source materials – presence of base files, the form of their presentation directly affects the final cost of the project. If we need to search or remove the necessary materials ourselves, the cost will increase.
      2. Time and volume of information – the length of the video, quality, format of the video also form the price of the service.
      3. Availability of different language versions of the presentation – translation will require additional paid specialists.
      4. How urgent is the work to be done – the shorter the time allocated for execution, the more expensive the clip will be. In any case, employees are ready to adjust to the time you need.

      The total cost should be clarified with our experts, as there are many factors to consider. Studio staff will help you choose the best format for your best multimedia presentation.

      The benefits of working with Dme.Production

      Professional presentation is distinguished by the level of graphics, its design, the form of presentation of information. High-quality content is competently composed and can encourage the audience to perform the desired action, good learning of the material. The main aspect of a successful video is competently presented material, be it graphics, text or photos.

      Studio staff has all the advanced techniques for creating multimedia presentations. The arsenal of Dme.Production has all the necessary software, with which you can design a video in any format. The term of the task will depend on the complexity, duration, and method of information presentation. Usually it takes from several days, but if a video contains a lot of different materials, it will take more time.

      Why the choice is we are

      Multimedia presentation today is widely spread in business as an effective form of information presentation. Thanks to such video you can significantly improve the rating and recognition of the company, brand. With the presentation you can also draw the attention of investors to your project. Today the creation of the video is available to anyone. Having ordered the service in Dme.Production studio, you get:

      1. Competent and responsible staff who will advise, carry out the task and make the idea a reality.
      2. Competitive presentation price.
      3. Qualitative final content.
      4. Minimum time to complete the task.

      Before showing your product or business to potential buyers or investors, order a multimedia presentation. Prepare for a meeting that will bring you profit by responsibly ordering the video from us!

      Do you need to create high-quality multimedia video presentation?

      Dme.Production Studio will work on developing a multimedia presentation for a certain purpose.

      We will transform your product or information into a selling visuals that will solve the problem and help to achieve the goal.

      Entrust the development of multimedia presentation to the specialists of their business from Dme.Production.

      Leave your application on the website and get a free consultation.

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