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    Multi-Camera Shooting is a method of obtaining video when one scene is shot with multiple cameras from different angles. The main purpose of this method is to immerse the viewer in what is happening, make the video more dynamic, as well as saving on the repetition of expensive takes in film production.

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      What is Multi-Camera filming

      What is multi-camera video recording

      Multi-camera photography is a process in which a number of cameras, a mobile television set or other equipment are used to convey the atmosphere of an event or film as clearly as possible. The main advantage of multi-camera shooting is to create not just interesting video, but interesting and engaging content that can attract the attention of the audience.

      Multi-camera videos are used to record lectures, concerts, clips, advertisements or conferences. The ability to receive an image from different angles, as well as different plans, makes the future video dynamic, not monotonous, in the course of viewing the viewer’s attention is not dissipated from almost the same image. This is especially important for long videos, carrying a learning load, because it is necessary that the information submitted is absorbed by the viewer.

      How do we deal with this type of filming

      Creation of video using multi-camera shooting involves the following steps:

      1. Discussion – identify goals, wishes, discuss the scenario of the event. We also specify the duration, the budgeted, make an approximate estimate.
      2. Preview of the location – at this stage, operators and the director must come to the location to determine the location of the cameras, the acoustics, the number of equipment (including additional lighting) required.
      3. Completion – selection of equipment, cameras with the same parameters, lighting fixtures, sound recording devices.
      4. Mounting of shooting equipment – installation of equipment, check and adjustment of camera channels, video recording check. If the event will be held online, set up broadcast.
      5. Camera and director work on site during the event.
      6. Post-production – video color correction, editing, audio track correction, infographics, presentation frames, other computer design elements.

      Each step is an important part of multi-camera video shooting. Our staff is knowledgeable, so you can rely on us to create your video.

      How much does it cost to make multi-camera video

      How much does it cost to shoot multi-camera video

      How much does multi-camera video filming cost?

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      Precise price for multi-camera shooting service cannot be announced at once. The estimate consists of the following items:

      1. Length of the future clip – in addition to mounting, processing and sounding, the time spent by the crew on site is also taken into account here.
      2. Auxiliary equipment – the need for transportation and installation of lights, sound recording equipment, and the number of cameras to be used.
      3. The number of staff – one operator can work at the site, but in this case you will get quite uniform frames. Several operators will be able to correct the work of cameras, shoot different plans and so on. Also there may be a director on the site, controlling the work of operators, illuminators.
      4. Editing, processing – the longer the video, the more work needs to be done on mounting, color correction, retouching and graphics input.

      You will be pleasantly surprised by the cost of our professional staff and the result of their work.

      What we can offer

      Studio uses equipment that meets modern standards, constantly introducing new hardware and software in its work. Thanks to this, we can quickly and qualitatively perform the tasks set by the customer. In each of the stages of multi-camera shooting we carefully work out the details to achieve better results.

      What is the reason of using of multiple cameras

      Multi-Camera Shooting

      With the help of multi-camera video shooting you can maximally convey what is happening at the event from different angles. The reaction of the audience at a concert, the emotions of participants in sports competitions, the mood of the lecturer or the happiness of the newlyweds – all this allows you to highlight the video shot with multiple cameras. When ordering the service at Dme.Production, you will have:

      1. Qualitative content that attracts attention and is full of dynamics.
      2. A team of professionals who turn the most interesting ideas into reality.
      3. The speed of task execution (we can speed up a bit if you want).

      Beautiful shots, optimal angles, aged atmosphere and style are what will make the video of your event really bright and memorable. This is what you will see on the screen by ordering multi-camera shooting at Dme.Production studio.

      Would you like to order e multi-camera shooting from Dme.Production?

      Our specialists will solve the following tasks in a high quality manner.:

      — Selection of cameras, lenses and related equipment;

      — Organization of the process of multi-camera shooting, solution of logistic tasks;

      — Installation and post-production of multi-camera video.

      Dme.Production will perform multi camera shooting in a high quality and cool way!

      For detailed advice and any questions you may have, please leave your application online on our website right now.

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