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    Film production is a complete process of making a film, starting with an idea and ending with the distribution of the finished film for distribution. It is in close contact not only with the entertainment, but also with the economic, social and political aspects of life.

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      What’s film production

      What is film production

      Cinema production is one of the most important industries of cinema, including the creative and technical part of film production. The creation of a film is not only intended to show a certain story and idea, but is also used for advertising purposes.

      The main advantage of filming is the ability to convey the message, information, to cause an emotional response from the audience. Also here you can realize the maximum of your ideas, because the duration of the video is much longer than the advertising or presentation video. The modern technical possibilities allow to introduce animation, graphics, special effects of any complexity into the film than to make the film fascinating and popular among viewers.

      What are the stages of creation

      Creation of a movie is a very time-consuming process, and it takes more than one day. Before all, it is worth remembering that the speed and quality of organization, filming depends on the qualification of performers.

      1. Projecting – transformation of an idea into a script, definition of a genre, actors, directors, possible interest of the audience to the future film is studied.
      2. Preparation – all details that may affect the process are discussed here. Including the budget of the film, depending on which you can calculate the number of staff involved, actors, special effects, the availability of computer graphics. Illustrators and directors form a storyboard of key scenes to create a plan for the film.
      3. Shooting – the process of working on the set. It includes not only the shooting of actor scenes, but also installation/dismantling of scenery, makeup, costume, tasks of operators, directors, sound engineers. After this stage is completed, the film is sent for processing.
      4. Post production is a very extensive stage of film production. Here the footage is assembled first in a draft, then viewed by the director and corrections made. The finished video is sent to the soundtrack, where the soundtracks are superimposed, and the voices of the movie characters are recorded. If the film contains animated characters, graphics elements, then they are made exactly at the stage of editing. Color correction and frame retouching also takes place. An important point is also viewing the draft material with the picture and sound, making the necessary corrections for the final production of the film.
      5. Distribution – dubbing the film to the required media.

      In each of the stages, the specialists at Dme.Production make every effort to produce the product you need. We guarantee complete support and professional advice on the details of film production.

      How much does it cost to make a movie in Dme

      How much does it cost to make a movie in Dme

      How much does film production cost – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      Asking the question of how much it costs to make a movie, you should remember that this is a multi-level process. The cost will be affected by the complexity of each stage and the following factors:

      1. Video duration – the longer a movie is, the more time it takes to shoot, edit, process.
      2. Crew – the number of personnel involved, ranging from scriptwriters to technicians, operators, installers and so on.
      3. Cast – invitation of famous artists, will significantly increase the budget required for film production.
      4. Availability of animation and graphics is a separate item of the cost, because a team of designers, animators is involved, and later it is also necessary to combine footage with computer objects.
      5. Soundtrack and sound – buying permission to use music, writing the original track by the composer, sounding characters by famous actors also increases the final cost of the movie.
      6. Time – the sooner you need to get the clean material, the more expensive the video will be.

      The studio team can offer you nice prices at each stage of the film production, as well as make every effort to speed up the process.

      Why you should entrust Dme

      Why trust Dme

      The Dme.Production studio brought together people who know their business and are constantly improving their skills. That’s why you can easily trust our specialists to create a film. In combination with first-class equipment, hardware and software for material processing, our team will fulfill the order of any complexity as quickly and qualitatively as possible.

      Time for making a film may take different time, as it is quite a complicated process. An amateur film of short duration with the availability of raw materials can be produced in a few weeks, while a large-scale project takes months to produce. The availability of a ready-made script, the possibility to invite the necessary artists, and the planned budget of the film play an important role here. We are ready to work within tight deadlines so that you can get your film exactly when you need it.

      Why you should order in Dme.Production

      Our studio has a full range of technical capabilities to shoot movies on any subject and in different formats. Film production at our studio will help you:

      1. Get high quality video with the right style and high standards.
      2. A professional team capable of organizing film production from beginning to end.
      3. Inclusion of the most daring ideas, ideas and works of any complexity.

      If you want to get a beautiful movie that will attract the attention of the audience made at the highest level, order a movie at Dme.Production.

      Do you want to use the services of film production from fprofessional filmmakers?

      Dme.Production Studio has extensive filming experience and is able to solve the following tasks in a professional way and in due time:

      — Film producing and project management from scratch, cost sheet, technical specification, etc.;

      — Script writing, storyboard, location selection, casting, organization of the shooting process;

      — Filming of any complexity using the most modern technology.

      Dme.Production will solve any tasks related to film production for you.

      Want to know more? Leave an application on our website and get a free consultation on all questions!

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