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    Motion design is an animated computer graphics that brings static objects to life in the making of video. It is actively used in the creation of movies, games, advertising and presentation videos, content for social networks, training videos.

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      What is motion design

      What is motion design

      Motion design is a direction of animation where audio and visual effects are combined. The concept may include 2D, 3D animation, GIFs, 360 degree video, virtual reality material. The main advantage of using motion graphics is the ability to convey the audience the necessary information in a summary. With the help of such technique it is possible to achieve amplification of emotions from viewing a video, colorfully present an idea or a product.

      Motion design opens unlimited horizons for the realization of fantasy, because it includes a lot of different directions. Today, more and more social and media platforms contain video content used to attract an audience, which is used by advanced marketers. It is also suitable for creating corporate videos, video presentations, infographics, music videos or training materials.

      Stages of creating motion design

      Stages of motion design creation

      Motion design studio Dme.Production provides support at each stage:

      1. Developing an idea, writing a script – creating a video, you must understand what idea it should carry, what you want to see in the frame, how actions will develop.
      2. Sketching – sketches of future frames, draft elements of video.
      3. Creation of animation – drawing of characters, setting them in motion.
      4. Sounding video, music selection – recording the speaker`s text, selection or creation of a unique soundtrack. At this stage it is possible to involve external contractors – singers, musicians, actors (depending on the budget for the visual series).
      5. Compiling materials into a complete video – finishing of the clip, connecting all frames with animation and producing the final version of the material.

      At all stages of production of future content, our employees provide full support, which greatly facilitates your understanding of the processes and level of work.

      How much does Motion Design in Dme.Production cost

      What is the price of motion design in Dme.Production

      How much does motion design cost in Dme.Production — price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      Today, ordering of computer animation is available to a wide audience, almost any business or blogger. The prices in the market fluctuate with great difference, causing the question of the fair price. In the sphere of motion design price has no static definition, because it depends on several factors:

      1. Duration – the more frames you need to process, the more laborious and longer the work will be. Each element should be carefully designed, painted, all the mistakes should be removed, and the style and idea should be saved.
      2. Complicated animation, effects – simple inserts or short animations will cost less than a large-scale motion graphics project. For example, the price for 3D motion design will be different from the introduction of 2D objects.
      3. The number of additional services (sounding, editing) – each stage of video processing requires more time, number of specialists, additional resources (speakers, musicians).
      4. Difficultness of comparing to the material filmed before – if you have previously filmed material that has already been processed (if you want to remake or add something), highly qualified staff, additional soft are involved, the time to bring the video into a single whole increases.

      Also, the price is affected by qualification of the specialists (and ours are at the highest level), the productivity of equipment, the presence of the necessary IT part to implement your ideas. We have everything you need to create good motion design, as well with pleasant prices.

      Benefits of ordering in Dme.Production studio

      The advanced technologies and software are used to perform the task. Our employees always keep their hand on the pulse of the latest developments, introducing innovations in all areas of the studio motion design. It is worth remembering that the low price tag for the work does not always indicate that the final result will be exactly as you expect. Since our designers – professionals, video creation is on a new level of motion design in Kyiv.

      The timing of creating quality material depends not only on the length of the video, but also on the complexity of the task. On average, motion design in Odessa or Kiev takes several days or weeks. Shooting without source material requires time to develop and approve the script, full production and post-production. Our professionals pay maximum attention to customers, their wishes, working quickly and smoothly, even in hard deadlines. To get acquainted with works for satisfied clients it is always possible in portfolio.

      Is it worth to order the service

      Because the main purpose of animated processing is to create high-quality content that can pay attention to your business or page, order a motion design for the following reasons:

        1. Motion graphic makes it easier to memorize information as it affects not only the auditory perception, but also the visual perception.
        2. Design is a modern addition to classic video, creating a unique atmosphere and effects.
        3. Production of movies from scratch saves your money on the crew, actors and individual motion design specialists.
        4. Creation videos from scratch saves you money on cast and certain experts of motion graphic.

      High-quality content attracts attention to the company, brand, blog, leaving a vivid impression, as well as forming confidence in the author of the video.

      Don’t wait for your video to gain momentum, order a motion design at Dme.Production Studio and launch it directly into space, leaving the competition far behind!

      Looking for someone who can perform a task in the field of motion design?

      Dme.Production Studio creates animated graphics in 2d and 3d formats.

      We will help with the following tasks in motion design:

      — Animation movie creation;

      — Creation and animation of the character;

      — Animating logos and creating screensavers;

      — Creation of motion design of any complexity according to your goals.

      Don’t drag it out, leave your application online and get a free consultation right now!

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