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    Video recording of an interview is the creation of video content in question/answer format, where one or more people may be present in the frame. It is actively used in business to build confidence in the company, convey key aspects of the activity, important information. The format is also widely used in presentation videos or blogs.

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      What is interview filming

      What is interview shooting

      Interview is, in fact, a dialogue between the correspondent and the interviewee. Interviews are divided into staged and reportage. Materials are used on company websites, blogs, and publications of sociological research, and carry an information load. This type of shooting is also used when recording video messages, where the role of the correspondent is performed by a teleprompter. The main purpose of such video is to draw attention to important aspects related to products, production or activities.

      Qualitative shooting of interviews with speakers, company management, as well as the presence of video content in general are a powerful mechanism for promoting the project or business. The interview opens up opportunities to deliver important information in a short period of time, to answer questions worrying the public, to tell about their activities. Exposure to the speaker multiplies the audience’s confidence in comparison with a regular article or voice recording.

      The interview filming process

      The interview shooting process

      You have to go through several stages to shoot a quality video:

      1. Creation of the script – before recording, it is necessary to think over clearly the plan of the interview, the angle of shooting, write the text component (if the interview is staged).
      2. Samming – camera work on site (in the studio or in the selected location). It also takes into account the exposure of lighting fixtures, nuances of the location.
      3. Processing – editing, correction of light, sound, adding graphics elements, information banners.

      The studio team pays maximum attention to all stages of video production, because the final result is not only important for you. Our professionals will be able to advise and help in the creation of the video, from the idea stage to the addition of graphic elements.

      What’s the price at Dme.Production?

      How much does it cost to shoot an interview – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      Digit price for the service is impossible to say, because the price consists of different components. It should be remembered that low prices do not always guarantee quality results. In most cases the final figure depends on:

      1. Location – outdoor recording requires more technological equipment, as it is impossible to set the lighting, eliminate noise. Street interview also increases the requirements for the operator’s qualification, as he or she will have to change the camera and sound settings as he or she shoots.
      2. Location – recording on the street requires more technological equipment, as it is impossible to set the lighting to exclude noise.
      3. Length and number of cameras – the price of the interview directly depends on the time spent by the operator on the set, also takes into account the number of necessary equipment.
      4. The following processing – noise suppression, color correction (in case of insufficient or too bright illumination such service is simply necessary), infographic overlay, mounting from several sources, introduction of computer graphics elements into video, frames with necessary images.

      Full cost of recording you can find out by consulting with our specialists, as well as clarify all important aspects of the process of recording the future clip. Dme.Production Studio offers you to create a video that will help your business for a pleasant price without sacrificing quality.

      Benefits of working with us

      Why order an interview shoot

      The recording of a quality interview requires highly qualified operators (especially if it is a street version), as well as top technology, software for further processing. All these resources are at the disposal of our studio, and we are ready to make every effort to make you satisfied with our work. What we have already done for our clients, you can always look at the portfolio. Delivery times may vary depending on the complexity of tasks in the post-production phase, and can take days.

      Why do you need and interview?

      The positive impact of video on the development of a business, blog or brand is proven by marketers. All the more so that not only large companies, but also individuals can afford to make a video today. By ordering a video interview in our studio, you can count on:

      1. Professionalism of our specialists in any field related to filming or processing of the video.
      2. Qualitative content for business development, blogging and brand credibility.
      3. Assistance of our employees at all stages of video creation.

      Help your business to generate more revenue, order an interview at Dme.Production before your competitors do!

      Are you looking for specialists who can perform interview shooting?

      Dme.Production studio will perform the tasks you need and will help with the following:

      Arrange the location searching and selecting works;

      Select appropriate equipment for performing the task;

      We will record the interview and transform it into a cool product.

      Get strong outcome, leave an application on the website to get a free consultation from our experts right now!

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