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    Turnkey filming is a service where the entire video is created from start to finish by specialists from one studio. This approach is used not only for shooting short promotional or entertaining videos, but also for creating entire films.

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      What’s a turnkey video

      Turnkey Video is content for placement on media resources of any nature, developed by specialists from the concept, idea, to the customer’s receipt of the finished material. Today it is widely used for marketing purposes, significantly reducing the time required to create materials. Rollers created by our studio are characterized by creative approach and originality, as our staff constantly generates new ideas. Creating turnkey videos opens up opportunities to show creativity for the benefit of your business.

      How we make a turnkey video

      Turnkey videos are created taking into account all the wishes of the client, as well as after a detailed study of the destination, preferred features of the genre. Full production cycle in Dme.Production consists of such stages:

      1. Preparation – before shooting a scene is created, all the necessary details are discussed, including the purpose of the video, the full range of services that the customer will need for the video design, budget, number of operators involved in the shooting.
      2. Site visit – in order to assess the environment in which the event will be filmed, as well as the need for additional equipment, you must visit the venue.
      3. Shooting – the work of operators, directors and other necessary personnel on site.
      4. Mounting – making a single material from the cutting of successful takes, frames.
      5. Sound – overlay the soundtrack on the video sequences. It can be a soundtrack, an announcer’s speech or actor’s sounding.
      6. Input graphic elements – the video may contain special effects, infographics, 2D or 3D animation.
      7. Processing – work on correction of light, color, contrast. Smoothing transitions between frames, making the video unique

      Every stage of turnkey video creation is controlled by experienced and qualified specialists. You can provide us with solutions for content production of any complexity.

      Turnkey video creation price in Dme.Production

      The price of shooting turnkey in Dme.Production

      How many turnkey video shooting – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      In matters of shooting, including turnkey video, the final figure can be announced by completing most steps of video creation. Common positions that are directly related to cost:

      1. Ready scenario – we will not need to engage staff to create the idea, concept, story, so the cost of the video will decrease.
      2. Availability of graphics and animation – you need to create effects or characters, which will incur additional costs.
      3. Rent a room/location – shooting does not always take place outside, for some videos it is necessary to shoot the room of interest to the customer.
      4. Time – the less time we have to work, the more expensive the material.

      Our specialists will carry out the tasks not only in a short time, but also qualitatively and for rather pleasant cost. We are always ready to meet our favorite clients and approach the issue creatively, professionally and individually.

      The benefits of working with Dme.Production

      Our studio has maximum technical capabilities for creating turnkey video. We use productive techniques, the latest hardware and software, which allows us to perform tasks of any complexity. The staff of the studio is constantly improving their skills and knowledge, as well as closely follow trends and currents. You can see the works done for our clients in the open portfolio.

      Time for the full cycle of video creation may change depending on the complexity, number of videos in the block, additional services ordered with the shooting. The simplest of the shortest footage can be produced in a few days, while the content of high duration, which can accommodate graphics or animation, will be in operation for several weeks. We are ready to shorten the time according to your wishes, which is discussed on the first brief.

      Why choose our studio

      The effect of video on the audience has been proved by market research, and more and more often this method is used for advertising, dissemination of necessary information. When you order a turnkey video in Dme.Production studio, you get:

      1. Qualitative content for promotion.
      2. Entracting a new audience to the site, blog.
      3. Professional team, ready to perform the most difficult tasks in a short time.
      4. Competitive cost of creating a video.

      Any opportunity to develop your business should be used for the benefit. That is why you need quality content from our studio.

      Do you want to get a quality video on a turnkey basis from Dme Production studio?

      Our company will solve the following tasks in due time:

      — Full video creation cycle from scripting to post-processing;

      — Creating animation and art clips on a turnkey basis;

      — Video recording, editing, graphics and sound editing.

      We create videos for any promotional purposes, to expand your customer base, develop your image or promote your brand.

      Dme Production Studio works in all genres and directions of video production.

      Leave your application on the website right now and get professional consultationfor free.

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