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    Video recording of premises/interiors is a set of works to create a presentation of residential or commercial premises. It is in demand on the market as an effective tool in the field of rent, sale of real estate, creating a portfolio of designers, for advertising purposes.

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      What is interior photography

      What is interior photography

      Interior photography is a detailed representation of features and advantages of real estate objects. This kind of clips will help the potential client to examine the room of interest without going to the place, see how the decoration and furnishing looks at different times of day. Especially good for the presentation of bars, restaurants, shopping areas, as it allows you to see the smallest details of the proposed property without having to go to the place.

      Interior shooting goes hand in hand with photography today, as both tools can show the room from the positive side. In this case, you can not limit yourself to one thing, the client can consider the property as a statics and dynamics. The task of taking pictures of interiors is to convey the atmosphere, the emotions that the object causes, to leave a vivid impression of the talent of designers. Also the video can show the volume, ergonomics, the amount of lighting in the room.

      Ordering process of this type of filming

      The process of ordering interior photography

      The process of presenting a room is not much different from creating ordinary visual content. In order to qualitatively take pictures of the interior, it is necessary to pass the following stages:

      1. Order discussion – volume of premises, details of shooting, length of video, whether additional services are required. The main purpose and concept of the future material is also identified.
      2. Entry of personnel to the object – directly the process of taking pictures, taking into account the installation of additional equipment, if any. It is desirable that the customer is present in the room, because our operators will be easier to navigate and immediately correct their work to achieve the desired result of the customer.
      3. Mounting the footage – combining shots from different angles, creating smooth transitions from frame to frame, making animation elements, 3D models.
      4. Color correction, introduction of graphic elements – the correction service can not be missed, because it is necessary to present the room from the best side. Not always on the day of departure can be great weather, and if the sun is too bright, the color scheme in the lens will be distorted. Overlaying information banners, infographics also have a positive impact on the presentation of premises.
      5. Sounding – recording of musical accompaniment, speaker’s text (if desired). Beautiful video sequences accompanied by light pleasant music will leave a more vivid impression of the video than just an image.

      Whichever of the stages is performed by professionals who are ready to help and advise on the best choice of angles, light, music. As a result, you get a quality video that can interest the potential client.

      How much it costs to shoot the interior

      How much does it cost to shoot an interior

      How much does the interior shot – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      How the creation of any video, a single cost interior shooting in Kiev has no. Each stage may include a different number of necessary actions, so the price is formed based on the following factors:

      1. The number of staff involved – the more operators and photographers working on the presentation, the more expensive the price of interior photography. Also influences the need to record the voice of the speaker, the involvement of musicians or a composer for the original sounding.
      2. Time – the duration of video will also affect the amount of work on processing, sounding, editing, overlaying graphics.
      3. Necessary stages of processing – color correction, correction of small surface defects, introduction of computer graphics directly affect the final figure of the estimate.
      4. Sounding – writing text by speaker, selection of soundtrack or writing it.
      5. Time of execution – the less time for work, the more expensive the project will be. However, we are ready to go to the meeting and perform all stages in the deadline mode.

      Specialists of the studio will help you to choose the optimal number of services, as well as work out all the details at a very competitive price.

      Benefits of working with Dme

      Interior photography requires a special approach as well as experience and professionalism in this field. Thanks to our skilled workers as well as special equipment, you can count on excellent results. Processing is done using the latest software and high-performance equipment, which not only improves video quality, but also saves time in the post-production phase.

      The interior itself usually takes only a few hours, except when you need to present the view of the room at different times of day. As a result, you get a beautiful video that presents the object in the best perspective, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.

      When do you need the service of taking pictures of the interior

      The presence of a video showing the interior takes real estate operations to a new level. In today’s world, few people have time for long trips to facilities, and the video solves this problem. Ordering a service in the studio, you will get:

      1. A powerful marketing tool for your business.
      2. Professional approach to service delivery.
      3. Support at all stages of video creation.
      4. Qualitative content for the site, portfolio.
      5. Shortest turnaround time and pleasant price.

      It is simply impossible to overestimate the effect of video content on the target audience, because today it is recognized as one of the most effective tools of marketers. Hurry to incorporate the latest trends into your business before your competitors do!

      Would you like to order interior shooting from a professional studio?

      The specialists of Dme.Production will solve the following tasks in a quality manner:

      — Development and coordination of the interior shooting concept;

      — A field trip by a specialist to take into account all the nuances, choose the best locations and make preparations;

      — Shooting and post-production for further presentation.

      When ordering interior photography from Dme, you will receive a modern video or photo presentation that will help you to promote your project!

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