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    Concert filming is a complex genre of camera art, designed to cover concert events. The peculiarity of such shootings is their complexity, as there are higher requirements to operators.

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      What is concert filming

      Shooting of concerts
      Video recording of Live music concerts is the process of making video when the material is shot in the event mode. Picture a concert, it is necessary not only to capture performers from different angles, but also to convey the atmosphere in the hall, emotions and reactions of the audience to certain actions of artists.

      Video recording of concerts opens up an opportunity for performers to become more popular and recognizable, to share the performance with those who could not get to the concert. Performers also often use performance materials when editing video clips. Typically, multi-camera format is used for concert shooting, as it allows to reflect all details of the event more fully.

      What we need to do

      What is concert photography

      Whatever the result is quality video from the concert, you need to work through each of these stages:

      1. Preparation – discussion of the concept, the customer’s wishes, what details are worth paying special attention to, features of special effects that will be used in the performance. The number of staff and cameras that will work on site is also determined here.
      2. Entry – the director and operators should see the location, its features, whether it is possible to install the necessary additional equipment. It is also worth getting acquainted with the tasks of illuminators, as light is a very important factor affecting the quality of video.
      3. Hardware selection and installation – sometimes it happens that the studio does not have the necessary technical equipment for a given purpose. Then we search for it for rent. We install all additional constructions before the event.
      4. Samming – the work of operators and director during a concert is especially difficult, as it is necessary to take the optimal position without disturbing the viewer’s view, as well as skillfully manage operators to get the right plans.
      5. Mounting and processing – the process of color correction to emphasize the atmosphere, information of the image from different sources, the introduction of graphic elements (for example, a ticker line with the names of compositions).

      The staff is highly qualified and ready for any difficulties in video recording of concerts.

      How much does video recording of concerts cost

      How much does video recording of concerts cost

      How much does video filming of concerts cost?

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $999 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $1499 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $1999 from 10 days

      The cost of creating Live – video varies depending on the complexity of the task. The main factors affecting the price are:

      1. The number of personnel involved – the work of each involved operator, technician, sound engineer and director is taken into account.
      2. Hardware – number of cameras, consoles, other structures (as video screens, sound installations).
      3. Length of video – the time spent by the staff on the set, as well as the time spent on installation and processing of materials.
      4. Correction and reduction of sound – the scope of work on suppression of unnecessary noise, alignment of sound.
      5. Adding graphic items.

      Our Dme.Production studio offers you an experienced and professional staff capable of performing each stage of live video production quickly, efficiently and at a competitive cost.

      Why we should be your choice

      The high qualification of the studio operators allows to perform tasks of any complexity, and the availability of the latest technology designed for different purposes, will make the final film beautiful and high quality. We know what is especially important when shooting concerts, so you can get a bright, colorful and atmospheric material.

      Filming process can only take a few hours, while the preparation and post-production work can take from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the original job. At Dme.Production, we are ready to speed up the processes a bit if you need the video faster than the standard time frame for all the necessary work. In any case, the quality of shooting, editing and sound will not suffer.

      Why it is needed to film the concert

      Thank the concert shooting you can not only increase the ratings of fans, but also share a piece of your work with the rest of the audience. By ordering the service of shooting the concert from us, you will get:

      1. Qualitative video that can be placed on media resources.
      2. Fast and professional execution of tasks.
      3. Experienced command covering every detail of the movie making process.

      We’ll help you create exactly the video you dreamed of! Order a shot of your concert at Dme.Production and enjoy the great result!

      Would you like to order a professional concert shooting?

      Dme.Production Studio has wide experience in solving the following tasks:

      — Selection and installation of optimal equipment for high-quality concert shooting;

      — Live multi-camera shooting, sound recording and highlight accents;

      — Post-processing and editing to create an unforgettable effect.

      Dme.Production will make a live video, which will be the hallmark of your event..

      Don’t miss your chance! Leave your application online for free consultation.

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