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    Fashion video is a visual series that shows model business events in detail. It is used for advertising new collections of designers, boutiques, as well as in the portfolio of models.

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      What is fashion photography

      What is fashion photography

      Fashion photography is a process where clothes are shown with an emphasis on detail. It creates a unique atmosphere that conveys the style of the collection. The main purpose of this video is to present the work of the designers, the assortment of the shop or the skills of the model. As a marketing tool, fashion shooting is now gaining popularity not only in business, but also among ordinary people. Another trend in fashion videos can be documentary shooting – videos from shows, backstage.

      Trendy videos can tell a whole story related to clothes, shoes or accessories. Location, make-up, movement of the model create a special image, the mood that matches the purpose of shooting. Besides direct advertising, such content can introduce the viewer to the brand’s philosophy, lifestyle, values supported by the designer. Images visualize a dream, creating a desire to get closer to it by buying a certain product.

      The process of creating fashion content

      The process of creating fashion content

      Before you start shooting content, you need to think clearly about the plan, the goal, to be fully prepared to shoot. This is a rather time-consuming process, just casting models can take a long time. In order to get high-quality fashion video, we need to go through several stages:

      1. Preparation – this determines the purpose of the video, its concept, target audience, what sentiments the material should transmit. Also there is a choice of location, props, number of cameras, other techniques necessary for shooting are determined.
      2. Writing a script – what actions should the model perform, what special effects will be used. Also here we develop images of participants, interaction with objects in the location, the presence of special effects.
      3. Shooting Maintenance – operators’ work at the location, directing work. In addition to the creation of the video, at this stage is set the necessary lighting, additional mechanisms.
      4. Post-production – finished material processing. This includes video editing (image from different angles, introduction of photo elements), color correction, sounding, overlaying graphic effects.

      In all stages of creating fashion video, our professionals will help, tell and update on the latest trends.We are not only qualified professionals, we love our job and put all possible effort into the work. What we do in the end, you can look at the portfolio or contact our satisfied customers.

      How much does fashion photography cost in the studio

      How much does fashion photography in a studio cost

      How much does a fashion shoot in a studio cost?

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      The price of creating a fashionable video may vary within different limits. It is worth remembering that too small numbers in the price can not guarantee you the quality of the finished material. The cost of fashion photography has no clear limits, because it depends on many factors:

      1. Location – the process can take place on the street, in an institution, it can also be a fashion shooting in the studio. In the case of camera work in the room, separate costs for rent, permits and so on will be required.
      2. Video timing – the longer the clip is, the more it needs to be processed later, the longer the shooting process at the location will last. Also the amount of work on installation, sounding will be increased.
      3. Number of personnel and equipment – how many cameras are needed to shoot from the necessary angles, additional lighting, decorations, props. It is also necessary to take into account the number of guest models, makeup artists, stylists.
      4. The presence of animation in the video – creating computer effects, characters also carries a price load.
      5. Post-production – video editing, introduction of computer graphics elements, sounding (selection or writing music), color correction and retouching.
      6. Time of execution of the task – the cost is not increased if you need the video in the terms set by the contract. The more urgent the video is, the more expensive it will be.

      Our studio provides the most comfortable conditions for your fashion video shooting, and we can also please you with the pleasant cost of creating the material.

      Why we should do your video

      To create a really high quality video, it is necessary that operators and photographers are not only professionals. Working in the fashion industry involves updating knowledge of the latest trends, as well as a highly artistic view of what is happening in the frame. All this has our employees, ready to help you create a unique material that attracts views.

      The timing of the order depends not only on the duration of the video, but also on environmental conditions (if shooting outside, bad weather can interfere with plans). In general, the creation of fashion video may take from a few days to several weeks, given the process of post-production of different complexity. Dme.Production studio uses only high quality productive technique, which significantly increases the quality of future video, as well as reduces the time for its processing.

      Why do you need a fashion video

      Thanking to the presence of fashion videos you can draw the audience’s attention to your brand, shop. Having ordered the service at Dme.Production, you get:

      1. Qualitative content showing all the advantages and beauty of the products.
      2. A professional team, ready to implement any idea you have.
      3. Enhance the conversion of the site as well as raising it in search engines.
      4. A powerful marketing tool that attracts new customers.

      Fashion photography in Ukraine has not yet gained such popularity as in Europe. That’s why do not be slow, it’s time to implement the latest trends in your business. Order the service at Dme.Production, keep up with the times!

      Do you want to order an exclusive fashion photography?

      The specialists of Dme.Production are qualified to solve the following tasks:

      — Showcase the beauty and uniqueness of your products;

      — Arrange high-quality shooting at a rented studio;

      — Shoot and edit high-quality video content that will draw attention to your product.

      With a fashion video you can draw the audience’s attention to your brand, shop or company.

      Leave your application on the website right now and get a free consultation!

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