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    Editing video for YouTube — is a compilation of ready-made footage clip, advertising or other targeted video educational, entertainment or commercial character. It is used to create high-quality content, which entails increasing the popularity of the channel, blog, recognition and loyalty to the brand, company.

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      What is this video editing for YouTube

      Video editing for YouTube

      Editing a video for YouTube is one of the processes of creating a video for later publishing it on your hosting. The presence of visual advertising materials has a positive impact on the effectiveness of marketing strategies, and can also be used as a presentation of the company, services or products. Today Youtube is one of the most influential media resources that can quickly spread information. It is for this reason that it must be mastered by publishing interesting content.

      There is an opinion that the main factor of video success is shooting. However, this point of view is not quite correct, as editing video on YouTube takes almost a dominant position. If you shoot the most beautiful material, but neglect this stage of post-production, you risk not only losing the expected effect of the video, but also “wet” your reputation in the eyes of users.

      Video editing service for Youtube is one of the leaders in the list of the most demanded. With the help of short content you can tell the story, show the values and priorities of the company, tell in detail about the product, service that you provide. Video, as such, has a more powerful impact on the memorability of information by the audience, as it affects two senses at once — vision and hearing. When choosing, reading long text, listening to an advertisement or watching a video, network users usually choose the latter.

      Video editing process for YouTube

      The video editing process for YouTube

      Once the necessary material has been filmed, a painstaking process of editing the video to YouTube begins. In order for your video to become popular, it is necessary not only to correctly mount the footage, but also to present a certain plot in a short time.

      1. Preparatory – define what exactly the video should convey, what is the purpose of its publication on the platform. Scripting is a very important part of the process as it helps to structure the information optimally. We highlight the key points that should be present in the video, as well as its duration. Find out what the customer wishes for additional services (processing, implementation of graphics and animation).
      2. Source Study – if we need to mount a video on YouTube from a video you provided, we will need to study it carefully. The task is simplified if the camera work was done by our specialists.
      3. Mounting – the process of assembling the cut parts of the roller into a single unit. Here the frames are adjusted in such a way as to ensure smooth, discrete transitions.
      4. Processing – additional options for correction of color, contrast, brightness. Video can be stabilized (camera shake impairs quality), add graphics and effects made on your computer. Color correction can add atmospheres, highlight certain objects on the general background, convey the mood of the video.
      5. Sound – the platform jealousy respects the copyrights to music and other content. In case you want to impose a soundtrack included in the “forbidden” list on a video, the video may be blocked. We select the right music, which guarantees that your material will be shown on the channel.

      Whichever stage of production is under the careful supervision of our employees, who are ready to fulfill the tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ordering Youtube editing at Dme.Production studio, you can not worry about the characteristics of the future video.

      How much does video editing cost for YouTube

      How much does video editing for YouTube cost

      How much does editing a video for YouTube cost?

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $49 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $99 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $199 from 10 days

      Still before consulting with a specialist, everyone is necessarily wondering how much it costs to edit a video for YouTube. There is no single price tag in this industry, as the final figure does not just consist of the cost of one service, but a set of operations performed with the video. So, the price for editing consists of:

      1. Video duration – increasing the timekeeping of content entails an increase in the total amount of work related to each stage of production. The Japanese, deservedly considered the guru of video, claim that the ideal length — up to 7 minutes, then the user loses concentration and interest. However, we break stereotypes and thanks to the quality performance from our specialists, your material will become entertaining, attractive and longer lasting. This applies to any content, including if it is educational in nature.
      2. Inclusion of graphics – if you decide to apply graphics elements, special effects, animation in your video, then their creation and implementation in the footage will require special attention of our specialists.
      3. Processing – correction of color palette of the roller, increasing contrast, smoothing coloristic transitions between frames.
      4. Soundtrack – selection of the appropriate video soundtrack, taking into account the limitations of the copyright platform. Also, correction of the existing soundtrack (if necessary), filling of the speaker text.
      5. The number of clips in the block – depending on how many videos need to be mounted, the time and amount of work done by our specialists will vary, which will directly affect the cost of the order.
      6. Time – each service has a certain time to perform it, including editing video on Youtube. If you have a need to get your order a little earlier, we are ready to make concessions and speed up the process of video creation.

      Because our entire studio is constantly improving in its industry, learning new things and following trends, you can safely trust us with your content.Mounting videos for YouTube requires special skills and approach that every Dme.Production employee has.

      Benefits of working with us

      Our studio has maximum technical capabilities for video editing on YouTube. In addition, the qualification of our staff allows us to perform the work quickly, qualitatively, exceeding any boldest expectations. We are constantly watching the latest trends in our field, we can suggest the best solutions to bring your video to the top.

      With regard to the terms, we can not say for sure, because everything will depend on the complexity of the task set by you. An important role here is played by the number of additional services that you can order together with the installation for YouTube – correction, sounding, making graphics and special effects, the number of clips. Working on one video usually takes from several hours to several days, taking into account all the wishes of the client.

      The structure of information, smooth transitions, and a single emotional background supported by the entire clip are the basic rules for creating quality content. We know how to make your video beautiful, vivid, and extraordinary because we studied in detail how to mount a video for YouTube. It has its own specifics: there are about 7 methods to combine fragments into a single visual series, and we own them all. Designing and inserting footage, titles, creating a picture-in-picture effect, adding slideshows, infographics or animated characters is no problem for Dme.Production.

      What we can offer

      Videos placed on YouTube platform can serve not only as entertainment, but also as music video, advertising, presentation, product overview. That’s why it’s necessary to entrust the editing for Youtube video to professionals. By ordering a video from us, you are guaranteed to get:

      1. Qualitative material that meets all portal standards.
      2. A team of specialists ready to suggest the best solutions for your video.
      3. Enhancement of channel rating, audience interest through bright and spacious content.
      4. Entracting new subscribers as well as developing business in a positive way.

      Don’t neglect a good opportunity to make yourself known as a beautiful YouTube video, which will be edited for you by Dme.Production. Develop your business in all possible directions, and we will help you!

      Do you want to order professional video editing for a YouTube channel or for advertising?

      Dme.Production Studio will help with solving of the following tasks in due time:

      — Setting up a video blog from raw video material;

      — Color correction, effect overlay, graphic inserts;

      — Creation of animated disclaimers, previews and screensavers.

      Get a stylish and modern video for Youtube from Dme.Production team..

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