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    Creation of video overviews is a service of commercial video recording for detailed description of goods, activities and services provided. It is distributed in business sphere along with advertising and presentation clips.

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      What is a video overview

      What is a video review

      Video overview is a visual content that contains a presentation of goods or services in an in-depth format. Materials can be posted on company websites, blogs or social pages. Today, reviews are gaining popularity as one of the most effective marketing tools. Qualitative content allows you to look at products in more detail, get more information.

      The combination of visual and audio components is much more effective than advertising in one of these formats. Information is absorbed and remembered many times better, and a beautiful image and pleasant sound form the consumer’s trust and loyalty to the brand, the company. The review can be shot not only in a dry format of presentation of facts, but also with the addition of graphics in the video, the narration text can be colorful with modern jokes or professional terminology (depending on the target audience).

      Video overview creation process

      The process of creating a video review

      And recording any video, the creation process includes production and post production. Video reviews in Dme.Production are shot in several stages:

      1. Projecting – concept development, script writing, discussion of video format, location for shooting, calculation of approximate estimate for service execution.
      2. Shooting – directly the process of recording the future clip with all the nuances discussed earlier.
      3. Processing and editing – adding graphics elements, bringing together the necessary frames, views.
      4. Sounding, overlaying the music track.

      After all the agreed work is done, you receive the finished material for posting on the web. When necessary, we also make corrections according to the wishes of our clients.

      How much it costs to take a video overview

      How much does it cost to take a video review

      How much does it cost to make a video review – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      The cost of recording a video review is dynamic because it depends on many aspects. The main factors that form the price:

      1. Availability of source materials – information about the object under review, ready texts to be stuffed by the speaker reduces the total cost of the service.
      2. Time – time spent by the operator in the studio, the subsequent processing is directly related to the price. If the product is multifunctional, both the timekeeping and the way it is presented will increase.
      3. Method of information presentation – display of a complete set, appearance and the full detailed review in work differ in cost.
      4. Computer graphics, audio effects in video.
      5. The number of specialists and equipment involved – multi-camera shooting, lighting, studio decor, guest models for demonstration will increase production costs.
      6. Post-production – number of required processing services. Installation (including multiple sources), sounding, color correction of video, overlaying music.
        Quantity of video in the order block.

      The employees of Dme.Production studio will help you at all stages of video review creation to get the best results. We care about the high quality of our services and we understand the conditions as much as possible to ensure that you get bright content.

      Why order video reviews from us

      Our team has a high level of professionalism in its field, the latest hardware and all necessary software so you can order a video overview of any complexity. Each employee is responsible for his own stage of work, which increases the quality of service. The time required to record and process the video varies with regard to its complexity, timing and the number of additional services. We do not hide our satisfied customers – those who have entrusted us with the creation of video reviews for their business, you can see in the portfolio.

      What do you get when you order from us

      Marketing research has shown that 96% of those surveyed make a decision to buy a product or order a service on the basis of the video materials they have watched. After viewing the video, 73% of respondents made a successful purchase. Also in today’s world it is important to save time for shopping, and shooting video reviews perfectly solves this problem. By ordering content from Dme.Production you will get:

      1. The visual demonstration of the advantages of a product or service, which increases the number of potential customers.
      2. The presence of video content increases the conversion of the site, raising it higher in search engines.
      3. The review can deliver important information at short notice, while encouraging the audience to act.
      4. The professionalism of our employees will help to create high-quality video.

      The number of companies that use video overview for advertising is growing every day. Don’t wait for competitors to adopt such a powerful tool, order the shoot in our studio!

      Are you looking for someone who can create a video review?

      Dme.Production Studio shoots video reviews for a specific purpose or task.

      We can help you with the following tasks:

      – Creating product video reviews;

      – Filming and editing event reviews;

      – Filming of goods in the studio and photo boxes.

      Get a selling video overview of your product from professionals.

      Leave an application on the site and get a quality video product.

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