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    Creating a training video is shooting a video that carries an information load. It is used for demonstration of goods, services, can clearly show how to use and why the object being demonstrated is necessary. It is also often used to train staff and to communicate the steps to be taken.

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      What is a tutorial video screencast

      Training video is a visual guide to applying certain skills or knowledge, demonstrating a process. This video is used today not only to teach the audience to do certain things, but also in marketing, management, creativity (hand-maid lessons). The information submitted in the video format is better and faster learnt, because the visual component here is intertwined with the audio one.

      Training videos are also available in different formats to achieve different goals. For example, to demonstrate the software operation it is necessary to create screenshots – in the frame there will be an image of the device screen, on which the process takes place.

      Demonstration video will tell you in detail how to use a product or service. Role-playing videos are suitable if it is necessary to inform the audience about the actions in a particular situation that they may encounter. The use of animation can have a positive impact on memorability through unique characters, and a video with a presenter will allow you to create a video lesson from any lecture.

      How do we do it

      As any other type of shooting, the creation of training videos takes place in several stages. To get quality content you need to go through the following stages:

      1. Setting task and concept – includes the definition of topics, objectives and technical aspects of the task. Here you can discuss your own vision of the material, consult with experts about the latest trends in photography.
      2. Writing a script – structuring the information, highlighting the main theses that will help the audience to watch the video.
      3. Select the location, create the storyboard – this determines the equipment, scenery, location and participants (actors, operators) required to implement the idea.
      4. Samming is the process of creating an image with the necessary requirements and atmosphere in mind.
      5. Advanced works – color correction, sounding, overlaying of music, editing of footage.

      Studio staff will advise on the best angles, presentation format, and will apply maximum knowledge and skills to obtain quality content.

      How much it costs to create a tutorial video

      How much does it cost to create an educating video

      How much does it cost to create a training video – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      The final cost of training videos in Dme.Production will depend on a set of factors:

      1. Length of video – timekeeping when making training films affects not only the duration of camera work, but also the amount of necessary processing (editing, sounding).
      2. The method of presenting information – video lessons can be presented using computer graphics, 2D or 3D animation, or shot by involving actors, organizing the appropriate atmosphere and location.
      3. The number of personnel involved, technicians – shooting from different angles (multiple cameras), lighting, number of operators, actors, speakers.
      4. The presence of inclusions graphics, special effects – the creation of two- or three-dimensional animation, infographics, sound and visual effects.
      5. Time – the sooner we need to get the clean material, the higher the cost of video will be.

      Our professional staff will complete the tasks clearly, on time and at a pleasant price, so you can enjoy the result.

      Why do screencasters order from us

      Why order screencast from us

      To create high-quality training videos in the studio Dme.Production uses high-tech advanced equipment, qualified professionals are involved, as well as actors. Thanks to what we know and know, you will get a good video that can engage the target audience, talk about a product or service in an interesting and accessible format. Timing of the order may vary depending on the complexity of the future video, the availability of animation, the amount of additional work. Production of a simple short video may take several days, while detailed 3D animations require much more time.

      Why do you need it

      The presence of video lessons has a positive impact on shaping public opinion about a product, service or company. What do you get by ordering the service from us:

      1. Qualitative content for promotion.
      2. Professional advice.
      3. Support at all stages of the filming process.
      4. Enhancement of site conversion.

      One small detail can significantly affect your future! Order video lessons in the studio Dme.Production and feel the positive changes in numbers on your bank accounts!

      Do you want to create an interesting training video?

      Specialists of Dme.Production will help with the following tasks in a quality manner:

      — Writing a scenario according to your technical specification;
      — Production of video using the necessary equipment and infographic inserts;
      — Shooting process occurs with a professional speaker or actor who will present the information in a juicy way.

      Training videos is a popular topic that requires a competent approach.

      Experts of production from Dme studio will help you to create exactly what you want!

      Leave your application online now and get free detailed consultation!

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