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    Creating cartoons is a video sequence of varying duration, made by drawing frames (manually or by resorting to computer graphics 2D/3D). The main purpose of creating cartoons is the entertainment aspect, but there are also educational and promotional videos made in this technique.

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      What’s a cartoon

      Creation of cartoons is an art form that uses different techniques to create living, moving characters and their surroundings. Today, the term is often used as a synonym for “animation”, which means “animation”. While the genre was created for entertainment purposes, it is now widely used for educational videos, presentations and commercials. The main advantage of advertising content in the cartoon format is its viral nature, which can significantly increase recognition and trust in the company, the brand.

      Creation of cartoons opens up opportunities to deploy fantasy, create unique characters, which affects the memorability of the information submitted. Modern marketing welcomes the use of cartoons and videos, as their availability directly affects the success of the campaign. With the help of such a film it is also possible to convey the main ideas and values of the company in a light form that evokes emotions.

      Process of creating a cartoon in Dme

      The process of creating a cartoon in Dme

      Creation of a cartoon is a laborious process, which consists of many individual steps. In order to make a quality video, you need to pass these stages:

      1. Preparation – agreement with the customer on all details concerning future video.
      2. Writing the script – the plot cannot be chaotic, so it is necessary to create a clear plan of how the characters will behave, what exactly will happen in the frame.
      3. Drawing sketches, storyboard – a rough draft of the characters, as well as creating keyframes of the future video.
      4. Animation process – detailed drawing of all “actors”, environment, textures of objects and objects of animation.
      5. Processing – this stage includes all post-production. Mounting, sounding, recording the soundtrack, mixing of visual and audio tracks.

      Each of the stages is performed by qualified specialists (screenwriters, animators, fitters and sound engineers), which allows you to order a cartoon of high quality.

      How much it costs to create a cartoon in Dme

      How much does it cost to create a cartoon in Dme

      How much does it cost to create a cartoon and a cartoon – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      Price for creating cartoons is not a static value, because the number and nature of work depends on the type of animation you choose, as well as additional services. The total cost of the video will be related to such factors:

      1. Type of animation – 2D, 3D, stop motion and others. Each of the types contains its own level of complexity, detail, performance.
      2. Time – the amount of work associated with the animation, sounding will directly depend on the duration of the video sequence.
      3. Availability of source materials – if you have a ready-made script, concept, thought over details of future video, the cost of creating a cartoon will be lower.
      4. Time of implementation – we will always be glad to help you get the cartoon exactly when you need it.

      If you decide to order a cartoon, the price of the service in the studio Dme.Production will pleasantly please you, and our qualified staff will be happy to help at each stage of production.

      Why you should choose us?

      Due to you can find all the necessary specialists to create cartoons in one place, you can save enough time and effort to find the right people. We use the latest developments in software, as well as productive hardware that allows you to perform tasks quickly and efficiently. Basically, it takes up to several weeks, because in the case of animation, the amount of work related to the graphics can be long.

      Why do you need a cartoon

      The animation is one of the original ways to make yourself known, because you can present the information to the audience in an unobtrusive and easy way.

      1. A team of specialists, ready to implement any bold idea or offer their own.
      2. Beautiful non-standard video transmitting the information you need.
      3. Enhance page conversion through video content availability.
      4. Competitive cost of works.

      With the help of creating cartoons on the topic you need, you can not only increase brand awareness, the company, but also make a positive first impression. Order the service at Dme.Production, we will do the best for your business.

      Looking for someone to create a cartoon video?

      Specialists of Dme.Production can solve the following tasks for creating animated movies and cartoons:

      — Scriptwriting, storyboard, character pre-design;

      — Creating animated video in any style: Flat, Doodle, Stopmotion;

      — Post-processing, adding sound effects, localization in any language.

      Dme.Production provides a full range of services for creating animated videos for any task.

      Take your chance to work with professionals — leave an application on the website and get free consultation!

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