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    Corporate video — is a video content aimed at advertising the company’s products and its brand. Corporate video can spread image of a company, advertisement, information or presentation of a company.

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      Creating of corporate videos and movies Dme.Production

      Creating of corporate videos and movies Dme-Production-123
      To create a high-quality video with the correct positioning, first of all, it is necessary to define its goals and the concept of the video, to present the real advantages of the company or its products.

      You can order recording of a high-quality corporate film at the best prices in our company, DME Production, whose team consists of experienced professionals with many years of experience. Shooting may be:

      1. staged;
      2. reporting.

      The budget of a corporate film depends on the type of shooting, other factors.

      After developing the concept, it is needed to write a detailed script, which is the foundation of any corporate video. Scenario development should be based on the main advantages of the brand.

      It is necessary to leverage the materials for the film from an artistic position that will make the movie interesting for the target audience. The more information the film staff owns, the faster the job is done, and the film will be of the highest quality.

      How much does a corporate film cost – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $999 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $1499 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $1999 from 10 days

      If a client orders a corporate film, but the script is missing, our screenwriters negotiate and during negotiation, the client clarifies the idea of the video or the variants of the scenario of our scriptwriter are suggested to the client.

      Also, it is important to find out the most interesting moments for the target audience, on the basis of which possible ideas will be developed. It should be noted that the work of the scriptwriter and the customer in symbiosis makes the project successful and promising.

      Creating a high-quality video requires a lot of effort, if it comes to corporate video, then this is even more difficult. It is important to determine the positioning of the content, its concept, and goals. When creating such material, it is necessary to show the real merits of the company, the products manufactured by it.

      Features of shooting a corporate film

      Turning to DME Production, you are guaranteed to receive a film about the company that can convey the necessary information. Moreover, everything is served in an accessible form, both for future partners, and for potential or existing customers.

      The shooting itself can be staged or reportage. In the first case, a specific scenario is created and the video is shot on it. In the second case, a professional operator removes the company’s everyday life, production process, etc. in real time. Next, the video is edited.

      Corporate Movie Production Stages

      Corporate Movie Production Stages-12345
      Production of a video about the company takes place in several stages. Due to this, it is possible to get an excellent result and take into account all the features of the company, to achieve the goals. Stages:

      1. Decide on the type of shooting – staging or reporting.
      2. Concept development.
      3. Writing a detailed script. Even if you plan to shoot a report, you still need to know what and where to shoot, what to pay special attention to. Remember – the script is the basis of any high-quality corporate video. During its development, our experts are based on the advantages of the brand, product.
      4. Providing the crew with the most detailed information about the company will help make the video quality, speed up the process.
      5. Directly shooting.
      6. Video editing.

      Ordering a quality corporate movie is with us, because we know how to beat the materials for the video from an artistic position. This will make the content more attractive to the target audience. In the process of filming, it is also important to find out the most interesting points that can catch the target audience. Only taking all this into account will it be possible to produce a successful and promising corporate video.

      DME Production Features

      Our studio has been working in the field of promotion for many years, including with corporate clients. We offer professionalism, creativity, speed of execution.

      We create a video about the company in such areas:

      1. Advertising corporate video about business and management processes.
      2. Presentation about the product, specific achievements.
      3. Comprehensive business information video.
      4. Full movie with a plot.
      5. Corporate educational video.

      Do you want to get high-quality and powerful corporate video?

      Dme.Production studio will record a corporate film or corporate video about the company on a turnkey basis.

      We will professionally and with creative approach make a product for a specific purpose:

      1. Advertising corporate video about business processes and management;
      2. Presentation video about product and achievements;
      3. A video revealing the necessary information about the business;
      4. A film with plot and cool script.
      5. A corporate educational film or any other video about the company.

      Such corporate video content will solve the following tasks:

      1. Improve the image of the company;
      2. Increase the credibility of the company ;
      3. Warm the hearts of all employees.

      Dme Production team will write a cool script, record with the right spin and edit the video product that will leave aside your opponents.

      It’s simple! Leave an application on the website right now and get a free consultation from the specialists of Dme Production studio.

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