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    Color correction of video is adjusting the blue, green and red spectrum (RGB) in the image to change the color and style of the image. It is used to give pictures and videos a unique atmosphere according to the result needed to be achieved. Creation of an image with the author’s style helps to distinguish material among competitors, increasing the level of recognition of the company, author, brand.

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      What is color correction of the video?

      Color correction for video

      Color correction of video is a manipulation of light levels, chromaticity of the footage. With the help of color correction it is possible to correct defects, as well as light differences between some certain frames. This stage of post-production allows you to change the saturation, contrast, improve the depth of the image, color gamut.

      What is color correction

      Video processing opens up opportunities to highlight the main elements or subjects to be considered. Also here you can set the right mood, shade the faces of the characters, which is very important in the advertising segment. Qualitative video can form a positive impression of the target audience, thereby increasing the credibility of the company, user activity on sites, blogs.

      Video color correction stages

      Professional color correction of video consists of such steps:

      1. Technical stage – preparing all the materials for work. It starts after linear editing, on this stage the video is converted into files that can be worked with in editors.
      2. Primary Color correction in video – is a process of removing noises, correcting white, green and violet balance, correcting brightness of individual elements and whole frames. The chromaticity of frames from different elements of the filmed material is leveled taking into account the director’s idea.
      3. Secondary Color grading is the embodiment of ideas to completely replace the colors of objects with the necessary or unique palette characteristic of your videos (for example, make the sky green).

      The price of color correction

      The price of color correction

      How much does video color correction cost?

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      Because such an important stage of creating a recognizable video sequence should not be missed, the question about the price of color correction of video in the Dme.Production studio arises. The cost of service varies depending on the following factors:

      1. Video duration – number of frames to be corrected, edited.
      2. Color correction types – technical type of correction takes less time as it is basic, without deepening. Artistic correction implies elaboration of the palette, frame depth, selection of contrast level of the initial material. After this type of procedure, the video will look like an excerpt from a movie.
      3. Time – the less time specialists have to work with video, the higher the cost of the service.

      A good video can qualitatively increase the popularity of a brand or company, and the studio team will realize the ideas for a very fair price.

      Advantages of working with our studio

      The advantages of professional color correction of video can hardly be overestimated, as it is an important part of creating a uniquely styled video for your business or blog. High-quality content is created by our professional colorists in accordance with the latest trends and requirements of the customer.

      The timing of the production of the video depends on the level of complexity of the work to be done, and is also adjusted according to the wishes of customers. On average, the process takes from several days to several weeks. Our team of highly qualified specialists that use the latest equipment and software allow us to count on results that exceed the most daring expectations.

      Why this service should be applied?

      Why video color correction

      Whether visitors return on the page with a product they are interested in or not depends from the first impression. That’s why quality video content is the basis of a successful marketing strategy for your business.Ordering professional color correction video at Dme.Production has the following advantages:

      1. Our team will do its best to achieve the result needed for your project.
      2. You will get a quality video that can draw the audience’s attention to the product, company, brand or activity.
      3. A responsible approach to material creation makes it possible to be sure that the video will be ready on time, without errors.
      4. Due to the presence of high quality content, your website blog or a page will get more conversion and will get to the top of search engines

      Order color correction video service in our studio and enjoy the result of the video clips for your business or creativity!

      Get professional color correction of video from Dme Production Studio.

      The company provides a range of services for production videos on a turnkey basis.

      The studio will help with solving the following things in the field of color correction:

      — Technical correction of color;

      — Standardization of color temperature, contrast and brightness;

      — Color grading: we will paint the visuals according to the tasks required.

      Entrust this job to the experts of the business at Dme Production.

      Don’t drag it out, leave a request for a free consultation right now.

      Dme Production Studio — we are recommended to friends and partners.

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