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    Architectural photography is a service that includes the creation of a series of photos or videos of the facade of the building, its features and benefits. It is used in the real estate industry as a presentation of the houses to be rented out / sold, as well as to capture the monuments of architectural art.

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      What’s architectural photography

      What is architectural photography

      Architectural photography is a genre of photography, the main purpose of which is to represent the appearance of the building, its dimensions and details. Today it is widely used by developers as well as private persons for presentation of objects, their surroundings. This method helps potential customers to assess the scale, decorative elements, finish and location of the building.

      Because the main purpose of architectural photography is to show the structures in an attractive perspective, it should be done by a professional. The presence of detailed photos or videos increases interest in a building or part of it. You can also use the resulting files in investor presentations, job reports and flyers.

      How architectural photography takes place

      In order to get quality materials it is necessary:

      1. Project agreement – discuss the purpose of the survey, its concept, necessary plans and angles, time of day, lighting, whether additional equipment or machinery (ATVs, cranes) is required.
      2. Entry of the photographer or operator – here you select the best points of placement of the photographer to get the desired frames. In the conditions of dense building, sometimes it can take several hours, because it is quite possible that you will have to climb on the roofs of neighboring buildings, to consider the angles of the institutions located nearby, and so on.
      3. Shooting – once the optimal points have been selected and the necessary additional hardware has been set (if required), the photographer starts the process.
      4. Processing of materials – if it is a video, you will need editing, sounding. You can add elements of infographics or other computer effects. Photos will need to be sent to color correction, retouching.

      We are responsible for all your requirements, and our specialists know how to deliver exactly the message you need.

      How much does architectural photography cost

      How much does architectural photography cost

      How much does architectural photography cost?

      Architectural photography cost Price
      Start from $99
      Medium from $199
      Full from $299

      The cost of filming of architecture consists of a mass of factors that are considered by estimates:

      1. Complexity – openness of the space around the object, special wishes for the perspectives.
      2. Auxiliary equipment – lighting fixtures, ATVs, cranes and other equipment that you will need to get the right angle.
      3. Time of the day – the need to be on site during the day or night shift to get a photo without people and cars, to create a certain atmosphere of photo with natural lighting.
      4. The number of frames and angles required – the more frames you need to get, the more expensive the final figure will be.
      5. Processing – basic or deep color correction, retouching (removal of objects, people, building environment elements overlapping the view. If it is a video, then the same applies to the sounding, editing and making graphical elements.
      6. The number of photos – the more frames you need to get, the more processing tasks you will have.

      Studio Dme.Production conducts architectural survey of any level of complexity, and the price for the service will pleasantly surprise you. Thus quality of the received materials will surprise you not less!

      Why we are the choice

      To create a beautiful material, we use only the latest equipment capable of giving quality results. Our employees are constantly improving their skills, watching the trends and developments in software. On a sunny day the process takes several hours (the exception is photography in the mode section, when it is necessary to do frames of the same angles, but at different times of day). Also, the time before receiving materials is tied to the number of photos, as each of them will be processed for deeper and more contrasting images.

      Why do you need to film the architecture

      Qualitative photo and video materials increase interest in the object of potential customers or investors. So you will get

      1. Professional implementers, specialist advice.
      2. Qualitative materials that are not ashamed to be placed on the site, in a presentation or advertising brochure.
      3. Pleasant price for the service.

      Select the right path to success, starting with the details! Order an architectural shoot at Dme.Production and enjoy the result!

      Would you like to order architectural photography from real professionals?

      Professionals from Dme.Production will solve such problems in a high quality manner:

      — Development and coordination of architectural survey concept;

      — Field trip of a specialist to take into account all the nuances, choose the best places — for shooting and for preparations;

      — Shooting and postproduction for further presentation.

      Our architectural shooting will help you to promote your project and increase your ability to implement your ideas!

      Leave an application right now to get a free detailed consultation!

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