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    Animation video — is a video content made with motion design elements (animation footage) from graphic images. The movement of objects is achieved by animating them in video design programs. The main goal of the animation video is to clearly convey the necessary information to the viewer.

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      Creating animated videos turnkey from Dme.Production

      Creation of animation videos123213

      Clients from Kyiv, other cities of Ukraine and foreign companies can order the creation of animated videos, that are used both on television and on the Internet, in our company, DME Production.

      This process, though interesting, is difficult, time-consuming, and can only be fulfilled by professionals with experience. Animation clips can be created using:

      1. 2D animations.
      2. 3D animations.
      3. Infographic.

      Using 2D animation technology you can create scenes with the participation of characters – “heroes”. Due to the fact that all the elements in the frame are broken down in stages, this video will hold the attention of the target audience long afar.

      The use of technically more complex 3D animation allows you to create three-dimensional videos in a three-dimensional image, with the presence of other technical nuances. Unlike 2D, production of such videos takes much more time.

      Infographics are suitable for animation videos containing various information (description of services, services). Combining infographics with video leads to appearing of convincing content containing numerical indicators, thematic abstracts.

      In case of a small budget for the creation of an advertising video, you can order a graphic video, which has no restrictions on the script, does not require payment for a studio, a pavilion, such kind of production involves a smaller number of specialists.

      An individual approach to each client will allow the specialists of our team to offer the most appropriate animations, taking into account all the preferences of clients. We also offer low prices for the whole range of services.

      Many companies decide to order an animated movie, not only from Ukraine, but also from other countries. You can use such video content both on television and on the Internet. They are visual, easy to perceive. You can order the creation of such a video in DME Production.

      What is an animation clip from Dme.Production?

      What is an animation video-123

      Animated is a movie created using animation. A special place in this direction is occupied by the doodle video. They are also animating, the final result looks as if the artist in the process creates these very drawings. Often in the doodle video, the hand of the creator is shown in the frame.

      Animation is the process of creating a video using static, drawn, puppet, plasticine or computer graphic elements. There are several options for animated videos, the order of which is available from us.

      Using 2D Animation:

      1. Character.
      2. Doodle.
      3. Flash.
      4. Infographics.
      5. Typography.

      Using 3D animation:

      1. Character
      2. Motion.
      3. 3D.

      The process of creating an advertising or any other animated video is quite long, because you need to draw everything. The artist’s work is simplified by the use of modern technology. We have absolute access to them.

      Some features of animated videos from Dme.Production

      Features of creating an animated video123214

      Advertising in the form of an animated video is very popular today. That’s all, because it allows you to keep the attention of the audience due to the breakdown of personnel. This is especially true for two-dimensional types.

      Here you can create scenes with the participation of characters.

      As for the technically more complex three-dimensional animation, whose price is higher, there is scope for creativity. Indeed, in addition to bulk characters can become even more interesting through the use of various technical nuances. Time to create three-dimensional animated videos takes much more.

      As for the use of infographics, it will be the best solution if it is necessary to submit a certain kind of numerical information, statistics. The combination of infographics and video results in compelling content in the eyes of the target audience.

      Ordering an animated video is a great solution if your budget is limited. Such video content has no script restrictions; to create it, additional props, actors, a studio, a pavilion are not needed. To implement the idea does not need to attract a large number of people.

      How much does an animated and animated video cost – price

      Movie view Price per 30 sec Date of creation
      Simple 2D movie from $299 from 3 days
      Complex 2D movie from $399 from 5 days
      Simple 3D movie from $499 from 10 days
      Complex 3D movie from $599 from 20 days


      Do you need high-quality and creative animated video?

      Our studio, Dme Production, makes 2D and 3D animated videos for a wide variety of purposes:

      1. For posting on your website;
      2. For an advertising campaign on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram;
      3. For presentation of services, products or any other needs of the company.

      You can get an animated video on a turnkey basis:

      1. We will write a good scenario;
      2. We will make a creative 2D or 3D video;
      3. We will give the voice of a professional speaker to your video.

      Furthermore, we can create an animated video based on your scenario taking into account all the wishes and ideas.

      Entrust the creation of an animated video to the professionals of their craft.

      Leave a request on the site to discuss your project right now and get the best offer from Dme. Production.

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