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    Aerial Shooting is a service for taking pictures and videos of various purposes using drones. The main purpose is to show the area or event from a height in order to get a full picture of what is happening at the location.

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      What is aerial photography

      What is aerial photography

      Aerial photography is photographing or shooting video of the terrain from aircraft. Today this term is used to create materials using drones with cameras installed. Widely used to create panoramic tours, as well as advertising or art videos to be placed on media resources.Marketing has adopted this technique because it allows to expand the space and angle of view on familiar things.

      In today’s world, video footage from drones is not only an opportunity to obtain technical information and create art videos, but also an indispensable tool in business. With its help it is possible to create informative advertising content, to visually demonstrate processes and actions that cannot be evaluated by looking from the ground. A vivid example is a report on the progress of construction works from the developer, demonstration of production enterprises to potential investors.

      The main advantages of aerial photography

      The main advantages of aerial photography

      This type of service has a number of significant advantages in comparison with other surveying methods. Aerial photography with using drones has the following advantages:

      1. It is considerably cheaper to make a drone filming than to order a helicopter, paraglider or crane.
      2. Equipment is easy to transport in a regular car, it is not bulky, light and mobile. It does not contain an abundance of wires, however, it is better to entrust the control to an experienced specialist.
      3. Aerial imagery covers a huge area, which will be able to show in detail the terrain or the necessary object together with the adjacent areas.
      4. In places where it is not possible to take pictures from other aircraft, a drone is a necessary thing.

      Thanks to this type of video production, you can easily demonstrate those aspects of your activities as well as property that cannot be seen from the ground.

      How the process occurs

      What types of aerial photography exist

      Alike the creation of any video, aerial photography in Kiev requires preparatory work. We also need to equip operators with all necessary equipment to perform the task set by the customer. In order to understand how the process of shooting an ATV in Dme.Production, you should familiarize yourself with the stages of work:

      1. Brief – this step is necessary to find out the purpose of the video or photo, the plot, the main idea to be transmitted, the peculiarities of work on the location, as well as special wishes for future content. Also, here we usually discuss the cost estimates for the work.
      2. Shooting – the process of capturing the terrain. Usually there is a team of two operators (one is responsible for the drone control and one is directly responsible for the camera operation). If necessary, our specialists can visit a place to evaluate the workload and conditions.
      3. Editing – the footage must be combined in a single unit. Here we select the best fragments and shots, bring them together into a complete video.
      4. Processing – in addition to the editing itself, high-quality video should undergo color correction. If you wish, you can make graphic elements, superimpose effects created by computer method. For photos retouching and other previously agreed services are used.
      5. Sounding – to make the video more interesting, we can overlay music or text stuffing (which is used when creating advertising or art materials).

      Whichever stage is controlled by highly qualified specialists who are ready not only to help advice in the preparatory phase, but also to guarantee the quality and speed of order execution.

      What services do we provide

      A art form such as quadcopter photography has several directions according to the purpose of the future material:

      1. Scheduled photography – a normal view without much detail.
      2. Panoramic – special shots are taken that cover a wider range than a simple photographic lens.
      3. Technical – used in industry as well as agriculture.
      4. Collects necessary data, implies obtaining information about the object, which cannot be obtained while on the ground.
      5. For 3D tours – shooting is performed from several points, with the frame covers 360 degrees. Subsequently the obtained material is combined into a full virtual tour, where you can move between viewpoints.
      6. Online broadcast of events – concerts, flash mobs, mass festivities can be easily shown in real time with drones.
      7. Aerial shooting – can be used in advertising or art projects, as well as to create reports, presentations and reports on the work done. It is widely used by developers to demonstrate to investors the stage of construction of real estate objects.
      8. Virtual flights – the ability to transmit images from a bird’s-eye view using virtual reality equipment. You can personally see what is happening around you, enjoy the view without having to rent a helicopter or a paraglider.


      Whichever service requires special training, appropriate equipment and application of different stages of post-production. We at Dme.Production can perform a task of any complexity, taking into account the wishes of our customers.

      How much does aerial photography cost

      How much does aerial photography cost

      How much does aerial photography cost – price

      Price for aerial photography from a quadcopter Price
      Start from $99
      Medium from $199
      Full from $299

      Because each stage of video production from air requires separate specialists, taking into account technical aspects, the price of the service may vary over a wide range.
      Basically, the cost of aerial filming depends on these factors:

      1. Equipment – different formats of tasks require different types of hardware. For example, drones may differ in their power and capabilities, and when shooting art video there is no need to use a racing quad. Also, additional installations required by operators on the ground may differ. The amount of equipment involved will affect the cost of the product.
      2. Shooting parameters – the quality in which you need to provide the finishing materials, the number of panoramas directly affect the price.
      3. Air work – the amount of time spent by quadcopters in the air during aerial photography.
      4. Groundwork – preparatory processes as well as operators’ work on the road.
      5. The number of staff and equipment involved – some events or celebrations must be filmed from different angles at the same time in order not to miss a single detail. This is especially important in reportage photography, as well as in capturing celebrations where highlights can occur simultaneously at different locations. The height set for the video production will also play a role here, as it can be shot from 10 or 100 meters and the camera coverage will vary significantly.
      6. Amount of work on processing – in some cases (such as aerial photography for information purposes for the industrial or agricultural segment), there is no need to process video and photos. In this case, the customer can obtain them on the information carrier.

      From here we can conclude that the budget for aerial photography in Kharkov, Kiev consists of many aspects that should be taken into account when tabling the budget for video creation. Our studio offers you a full range of works at a competitive cost, which will pleasantly surprise you.

      The benefits of working with us

      Why do you need aerial photography

      The employees of Dme.Production have a huge experience in the field of shooting from drone , which allows you to guarantee a result that exceeds expectations. We have all the necessary technique to create high-quality video for your business or creative project. Individual approach to each client gives you the opportunity to get creative and accurate video according to your needs. Professional equipment and the latest software development allows you to perform work on shooting, installation, processing materials in a short time and at a high level.

      The time it takes for you to get the cleanup clip depends on the complexity of the task at hand. The main factors that affect the speed of the production and post-production process are the availability of additional services ordered together with aerial photography. Such services include graphic inserts, panoramic tour creation, video sounding, color correction and contrast. Weather conditions can serve as an important detail when discussing the necessary time, since drones have restrictions on flights at wind speeds of about 8 m/s, as well as in case of snow and rainfall. We can also further discuss the movement of lead times according to your requirements.

      Professional well-coordinated team of at least two people (drone and camera operator) is ready to leave for the site in the near future, having powerful quadcopters and other necessary equipment for aerial photography or video shooting from a height. Thanks to the reliable stabilizers, we get a quality image without shaking, which is very important when creating 360 degree panoramas and tours.

      Why aerial photography is needed?

      It may seem that everyone who has a drone would be able to do the same job with ease. However, in order to obtain quality content for a business, media resource or art video, you also need to perform a number of additional actions that are closely linked to the process of shooting. Normal drones, not adapted to work at high altitude, as well as not equipped with high-end video equipment, will not give the desired result. The operator’s experience is also important, as 50% of the video’s success depends on it.

      You can order aerial photography in the first studio that came to mind, or you can contact Dme.Production, where you will get:

      1. Coordinated qualified team capable of performing a task of any complexity.
      2. Competitive prices at each stage of video production.
      3. Qualitative content to promote a company, blog or channel.
      4. The latest equipment required for high levels of post-processing of footage.
      5. Enhancement of potential investors’ interest through visibility and transparency.

      Order us the video you need, and we will gladly help you turn any idea into reality. Don’t neglect the opportunity to present yourself to the public with a bright, extraordinary and spectacular method from Dme.Production.

      Do you need quadcopter aerial shooting services?

      Dme.Production Studio shoots in the air and makes a high quality video product on a turnkey basis.

      We will help you with the following tasks:

      — We will record the needed location;

      — We take quadcopter recording of objects in motion;

      — We will solve the most difficult and unusual tasks in aerial photography.

      Professional aerial recording from the air and editing from the specialists of their business at Dme.Production.

      Don’t waste your time, leave your application online now and get free consultation.

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