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    A 3D video is a computer animation that simulates three-dimensional space. It is widely used in animation, cinematography and allows you to create realistic battle scenes, epic special effects and recreate stunning landscapes directly on the computer or green screen.

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      What is a 3d video

      What is a 3D video

      3D video is a video that uses 3D graphics and animation to create it. Such short films are created for sale, presentation of services or goods, as well as training, review of concept models.

      Compared to other marketing tools, 3D video has an impact in two areas at once, thanks to the visual and sound components. The presence of a thematic video also enhances the quality and information content of the website pages, increasing their position in organic output.

      3D technique opens up the possibilities of the image according to any most incredible scenario, impossible for normal shooting.

      Thanks to video content it is possible to simulate abstract concepts, event horizons, unusual places where the usual laws of physics, development concepts do not apply.

      In this case you can choose the necessary level of detail, texture, and draw the desired number of characters in action.

      How do we create it

      Creation of 3D video clips includes the following stages:

      1. Writing the script. At this stage the main idea, subject and story of the future content according to the customer’s requirements is wrote down;
      2. Sketching – visualization of characters, main scenes. Also, animatics is created on this stage – a draft of the future video, consisting of the main geometric figures. Already at this stage you can see the main plot, the dynamics of the video;
      3. Animation – creation of 3D video with low details, the construction of composition, cyclic processes (running, rotating, etc.) Also at this stage minor changes that are possible without reworking the entire video are made;
      4. Texture overlay, working through the final version of the animation. Here small details, materials are drawn, frame lighting is exposed;
      5. Post-production – sound overlay, adding logos, color correction. Also at this stage video adaptation for any type of screens (TV, portable devices, PC) is performed.

      How much does it cost to create a 3D movie in Dme.Production studio

      How much does a 3D video clip cost

      How much does it cost to create a 3D movie – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      Ordering 3D video from us, you can increase sales many times, interest the potential consumer, clearly describe complex processes for the client, aspects of work. Naturally, there is a question of how much it will cost to produce the right content and what is the price of the studio. The cost of 3D video creation mostly depends on the complexity of the task.

      Key factors affecting the final price of the clip:

      1. Detailization – presence of small objects, complex textures;
      2. Voice quality – single-voiced, multi-voiced, announcing or overlaying music without voice;
      3. The number of characters, their complexity;
      4. The amount of edits made – how many had to be redrawn due to the deviation from the original script.

      The qualification of performers is also important. Our specialists are professionals and are able to implement the most daring idea for a reasonable price. We have everything you need: productive equipment, specialized software and the best motion designers!

      Preferences of Dme.Production Studio

      The main purpose of creating 3D video is to increase the conversion of the site, pages. High-quality product is produced on the latest equipment available to good studios. Bear in mind that low prices do not guarantee good results. Basically, beginner studios perform simple tasks. In our company – a high level of responsibility for all stages of production, the accuracy of the task and quality end product. The terms of delivery of work depend not only on motion designers, but also on the accuracy of the task, the number of corrections made by the customer.

      On average, the creation of 3d movies in our studio takes several weeks. Important factors that affect speed, are writing and approving the script, the time of the future video, the number of details, the complexity of the characters. Our professionalism can be evaluated by viewing the portfolio, as well as through communication with clients (we do not hide, for whom the videos created, because we are confident in the positive impression!). Do not forget that the quality of the result depends directly on the level of training of project designers.

      Why 3D video should be included in the content

      3D video creation process

      Creation of 3D video for today is available to almost every business, and the effect of it is noted by marketing statistics in all types of advertising.

      Video Content like that:

      1. Enhance customer interest in the site or blog;
      2. Makes information better to remember (95% is memorized through visual perception);
      3. Silno increases page conversion (from 80%);
      4. Enhance CVR, SERP.

      Nowadays, the use of 3D video clips is a requirement for high conversion. Don’t wait for competitors to do it – leave a request or call and appreciate the superiority of video content for your business!

      Do you need to have high quality 3d video to be created?

      Dme.Production Studio will help with solving the following tasks:

      — Creating selling 3D advertising videos;

      — 3D presentation creation;

      — Development and creation of image clips.

      We will create a 3D video clip for your goals and in due time.

      Leave your application online and get a free consultation right now!

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