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    3D animation is the movement of three-dimensional models in space using computer technology. It is widely used to create advertising and training videos, in modern film production, presentations. It allows you to create unique characters, atmosphere, location, texture, as well as the most realistic image of objects and living creatures that do not exist in real life.

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      What is 3D animation

      What is 3D animation_

      3D animation is a change in the parameters of a volumetric object in space over the time flow. This kind of graphics can be used to create a presentation, advertising or training materials with unique characters, environments or effects. This approach can qualitatively improve the reputation of the company, brand recognition or the level of perception of information. The main advantage of the technique is to deliver the necessary information to the audience in a short time.

      This division of computer graphics, as the creation of 3D animation, contributes to the opening of new horizons in business, creativity, because it is not limited by the frames, and implements your fantasy. Here you can choose how detailed the video elements will be, which textures will be used, how many unique characters are present in the video, which laws of physics or biology will be applied, and which will be ignored. Any incredible scenario can be implemented with the help of volumetric animation, which is why leading marketers have taken it on board.

      The process of creating 3D animation

      3D animation creation process

      Every day we see the results of the motion designers’ work in music videos, advertisements, entertainment materials. Unlike 2D graphics, the final result on the screen there are voluminous, as if it had been alive, characters. Creating 3D animation – is not an easy the process, and consists of a lot of stages:

      1. Ideas – together with the customer the concept of the future video and the main message that the video should deliver are developed.
      2. Script – writing a storyline and actions, which will contain the clip. It also discusses the duration, the number of objects for animation.
      3. Creation of characters – how detailed and complex will be the “actors” of the material. How detailed should be the appearance and movement, the mimic of models.
      4. Layouts creation – rough sketches of models, their dynamics of moving in space.
      5. Soundtrack, recording and a speaker`s text – this is the stage where the sound is recorded, edited and processed.
      6. Compiling the picture and soundtrack into a clean version of the video – at the end of the stage you get a completely finished video.

      Above each of the stages in the 3D animation studio Dme.Production employs highly skilled professionals who will help, tell and advise on the best options to solve the necessary problems. As a result, the audience will watch an exciting and memorable content to which they want to return again and again.

      What is the price for creation of 3D animation

      How much does 3D animation cost

      How much does 3D animation cost – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      There is no established sum of money to be invested to get such a service. Shooting is a versatile process, and much depends on the complexity of the project. The final cost of 3D animation in Dme.Production consists of many factors:

      1. Availability of original shooting material – embedding 3D animation into the video will be different in price from drawing of all characters, locations and effects from scratch.
      2. Screen time – workload of a specialist depends on the length of future video. The more video frame animation contain, the more expensive the price will be.
      3. The number and complexity of characters – each model is developed separately, taking into account future dynamics, properties and physiology of the object.
      4. 3D animation type – work can only go with keyframes, or drawing will contain each element of the video. Also it can be simplified, medium level or photorealistic animation, each of the options includes a different amount of work.
      5. Resolution – simple videos with low requirements take less time to work out.
      6. Texture detail – number and depth of textures, the presence of small details at the object of animation. The presence of current water in the video, pyrotechnic elements, other special effects directly affect the price of 3D animation.
      7. Availability of edits – changes in the script, vision of the concept at the stage when the characters and the environment are already thought out.
      8. Advanced services – outsourcing doers for mastering, recording.
      9. Time – the closer the deadline, the more expensive it will be, as tight deadlines require more specialists and man-hours costs increase many times.
      10. Qualification of the executors – newcomers of the sphere of animation and graphics will set a lower price, however, this does not guarantee a good result or implementation of all your ideas.

      As you can see, there is no single cost of 3D animation. Professional staff of Dme.Production studio will provide you with the service at the best price and at the right time.

      Why should you make an order at our studio

      The main advantage of creating 3D animation in our studio is that our graphic designers are professionals keep up the pace with technologies. Knowledge of new trends, techniques, quality software and advanced productive equipment will help to realize any fantasy, even the most incredible. We are not limited in resources, so we can perform even high-end photo realistic animation.

      The service may take from a few days (creating a screensaver, business cards) to several weeks (full video), everything will depend on the complexity of the task, as well as the necessary timing (yes, we can adjust them to your needs). In addition, the number of edits also affects the time required to work – the fewer they are, the faster you’ll get a cleaner for personal or commercial use. Our employees take a thorough approach to their work, taking a high level of responsibility for each stage of video creation. That’s why 3D animation studio clients are satisfied and enjoy the results of their work. What we have achieved in the end, you can always look at the portfolio, we do not hide the achievements, and even proud of them!

      Why do you need a 3D video

      Today, many well-known marketers note the effectiveness of such techniques in advertising, training and entertainment content. Running to the service, you get a great start to increase sales and brand loyalty. What will you get if you order 3D animation in the studio Dme.Production:

      1. Qualitative content for business, blog.
      2. Videos that go out of the frames, attract attention with their brightness and dynamics.
      3. Support by specialists at all stages of creation.
      4. Pleasant prices of 3D animation performance of the most difficult works.
      5. The speed and accuracy of video shooting according to your wishes.
      6. Upgrading the rating of the site, company, blog, as well as increasing conversion through the availability of video materials.

      As practice has shown, long thinking does not lead to good consequences. Order a service in our studio, pump up your business and be successful!

      Looking for where to order 3D animation creation?

      Dme.Production Studio will help to solve the following tasks in due time:

      — Creation of selling promotional 3D animated videos;

      — 3D presentation creation;

      — Development and creation of animated image clips.

      We will create an animated 3D video clip for your goal or task.

      Leave your application now and get free consultation from Dme.Production specialists.

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