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    2D animation is a method to translate 2D images from static to dynamic. It is widely used in the sphere of creation of cartoons, educational videos, advertising materials, games.

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      What is 2D animation

      What is 2D animation

      2D animation is the “animation” of the drawing, bringing it into motion. Since today the audience better perceives the visualized information, videos have become a powerful weapon in the hands of marketers. That is why modern animation is used in presentations, video lessons, advertising.

      The 2D computer animation technique opens up horizons that are not available in normal shooting. Fictional characters, locations and effects can pay attention to products, brand, company more effectively than standard media. Training videos will be remembered better, which also has a positive impact on the popularity of the course. At the same time, you can create a unique world and atmosphere that suits your idea.

      The process of creating 2d animation

      The process of 2D animation creation

      The creation of 2d animation may seem to be a simple process, but it involves several steps:

      1. Ideas and scenarios – our studio staff can help to create a future video at the stage of the idea. At this stage the concept of the video is thought over according to its intended purpose (training, advertising, presentation).
      2. Creation of character and environment design – the actors surrounding their objects are invented. Emotions are drawn, the sounds that the object of animation will produce are selected.
      3. Layout – rough visualization of the clip, key frames are created, on the basis of which the clip will be produced.
      4. Phasing – drawing intermediate frames, background.
      5. Sounding – recording the narrator’s text, overlaying music, sound effects.

      The staff of Dme.Production studio will help you create video material with 2D animation from scratch. In this case, your ideas and ideas will retain its unique style, gaining in front of your eyes quite visible shapes.

      The cost of creating 2d animation

      The cost of 2D animation creation

      How much does it cost to create a 2D animation – price

      Title Price Timing
      Tariff “Start” from $99 from 3 days
      Tariff “Standard” from $199 from 5 days
      Full tariff from $299 from 10 days

      The presence of an interesting video affects the popularity, recognition and memorability of a brand, company or blog. Depending on the number of necessary manipulations with the video sequence, the cost of creating 2D animation is formed. The price depends mainly on:

      1. Length of video – the more time you have to time the video, the more work our specialists have to do.
      2. Complicated animation – detailed drawing, style, as well as the number of elements directly affect the cost of the service.
      3. Availability of additional post-production services – sounding, editing, mixing, attracting additional actors, speakers, musicians have an impact on the final price.

      The cost of 2D animation is much cheaper than 3D, because three-dimensional image requires more work. Our highly qualified specialists will help you find the best options for the video, which is necessary for your business or social page.

      Why should we take care of your content

      2D animation subconsciously takes us back to childhood, reminiscent of classic cartoons. However, this form of graphics uses more visual effects, which can make the video more vivid, colorful, causing pleasant emotions. Learning materials in this format are better remembered because they have two components – visual and sound.

      The Dme.Production studio employs the best specialists capable of realizing your most daring ideas. The high level of professionalism and responsibility for all stages of creating 2D animation leads us to the top motion studios in Kiev. Advanced equipment and software allows you to do the job quickly, efficiently and in accordance with the latest trends in 2D animation.

      Why order from us

      Today 2D animation is used in a wide range of media products, from animated films to advertising and promotional videos. Availability of shooting allows you to create video that has a positive impact on the audience. Why should you order the service from us:

      1. You get quality video content that can get a response from those who watch it.
      2. Targeting a specific segment – advertising and training materials will be aimed at the target audience for which the video was created.
      3. Professional animators creating vivid dynamic characters.
      4. Affordable price – our studio provides services at the most pleasant prices.

      If you create 2D animation for Dme.Production, you can increase the rating of your blog, website or company. Don’t wait for competitors to take their chance, order video sequences that can stand out your business from hundreds of others.

      Do you need quality 2D animation creation?

      Dme.Production Studio will help you to solve the following tasks in due time

      — Creation of selling promotional 2D animated videos;

      — 2D presentation creation;

      — Development and creation of animated image clips.

      We will create an animated 2D video clip for your goal or task.

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