How to write a scenario for an advertising video?

Mutual understanding among a customer and a performer depends on the correctness of the script writing, its comprehensibility for video-production.

The first and gross error is considered to be a script written in the form of a straight text or presented in a tabular format that is not understandable neither to any professional director nor camera director.

The next egregious blunder is incomprehensible senseless description. The presence of a specific manner of speech: participles, adverbs and adjective names are acceptable for literary texts, but not for the script, because it is not possible to film them.

The correct script, the writing of which can be ordered in our company, DME Production, will be written by literate screenwriters, sticking all the rules and requirements.

It implies:

  • Writing the text of a scenario on an A4 sheet (it is permissible to use a font of the 12th size – Courier New or Courier Prime);
  • assigning a personal number to the scene;
  • designation of the type of a place (interior/exterior);
  • naming a place with the obligatory designation of the time of day;
  • placing of a short description of the action under the scene opening;
  • capitalization of artist names, placing of their direct speech in the centre.

These and other nuances will allow a maximum accuracy while fulfilling the idea of the scriptwriter in text format which will be implemented on the set, as well as during editing, voice acting, in a high-quality movie.

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