How to make a promo video?

A good, accessible and understandable promotional video contributes to the disclosing of the sense of the products being presented, and to conveying the benefits to the target audience. You can order the creation of the best promo-videos in our company, DME Production.

A promo video can be of several types.

  1. Shooting (staged, or “live” shooting).
  2. Graphic (created using computer graphics).
  3. Combined (videos of graphics class made with the help of staged recording).

Promotional videos, depending on the tasks and goals can be divided:

  • presentation films (considered to be the main type of corporate clips; this kind if a promo-video is about the brand, products, focuses on the benefits, their duration ranges from 60 to 250s);
  • training, explaining video (designed for training new, advanced training of already working employees. Duration of such a video is from 60 to 300s);
  • documentary (actual) video (such videos reveal the potential, the scale of the enterprise, familiarization with the products being produced. Large holdings, corporations order their creation. Duration — 60 seconds or more.

When creating a video, first of all, the target audience must be taken into account because what was made “for everyone” will not bring the desired result.

Each promo-movie is obliged to promote the growth of product sales, to cause the desire to cooperate, to solve specifically assigned tasks. In addition, it must keep the audience until the end of the video.

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