How to make an animated video

Animation, in which not only living beings but also inanimate characters can act as characters is one of the effective and efficient tools for the promotion of goods, services, original ways of product presentation.

You can order high-quality animation graphics, which is considered to be a great way to create an advertising video, in our company, DME Production, a team of which consists of highly qualified professionals.

The benefits of animation include are as follows:

  1. Accessibility for all age groups and a wide range of people.
  2. Delivering ideas, brand proposals and useful information to a huge target audience.
  3. Fast and effective promotion of services and goods.

Animated videos are very popular due to the fact that their creation does not require a large budget unlike with recording videos.

Animation does not make provision for the cast, directors, camera operators, locations. Creation of clips consists of the following successive steps:

  • concept development;
  • script writing;
  • illustration design;
  • storyboards;
  • visual styling;
  • dubbing;
  • animations;
  • editing;
  • postproduction;
  • sound design;
  • synchronizing visuals with an audio track.

Availability of a large number of modern programs allows creating high-quality effective 2D and 3D animations, taking into account all the wishes of customers.

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