What is a video production?

Production, which in English means producing, involves the creation of resources – material (raw materials, products) or intangible (ideas, information), which ultimately allows you to get product or service (finished product).

Actually, in the sphere of production this term is not used, but in the sphere of the film and media industry, it is frequently used. In this case, production implies the process of creating various media products (audio, video, animation, etc.).

There are several types of media content that are related to production. These are:

  1. videos;
  2. movies;
  3. radio and television programs;
  4. audio recordings;
  5. presentations.

Production is used to increase a brand`s popularity and it consists of selecting a team, composing a script and choosing a score, selecting costumes, applying make-up, shooting process, editing, sound and other technical shooting moments.

To get high-quality material that will interest the target audience and attract potential customers, production should be carried out by professional experts.

Our company, DME Production, offers using the services of a professional team, which consists of experienced scriptwriters, directors, cameramen, creative designers.

We will draw up a clear technical task, fill out a brief on the production of a media product of any level of complexity, and will control all stages of its creation. At the request of the client, we will make any changes and will take into account all the wishes.

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