What is a promo video?

Advertising video, the main purpose of which is to promote a product, brand, product or service, that is what we call a promotional video. At present, there are several main types of promotional videos that differ in their objectives and goals.

  1. Trendy promotional video. It is used to increase the recognition of a brand or product, its popularization. The main purpose of the content is not to sell, but to promote the brand, goods, services, to push viewers to make a purchase.
  2. Promotional video of goods. This kind of prom videos familiarizes the target audience with the properties and characteristics of a product. Designed for viewers intended to make a purchase, but still choosing between several options.
  3. Promotional video – instruction. This content has several features. It is created as an instructional video telling about the convenience of using a particular product or service.
  4. Promotional video tutorial. It is one of the indispensable ways to talk about the most difficult things in the most understandable and easy way. The content of this type is divided into 2D and 3D graphics promotional videos.

If you compare it with a usual photo shooting, the animation is cheap and affordable way to bring any creative ideas to life. The benefits of promotional videos are as follows:

  • possibility of easy implementation of any ideas, creation of any objects and forms;
  • there are no restrictions on your creative ideas;
  • the ability to create any heroes and characters in unlimited quantities;
  • no need for locations;
  • amendments can be introduced at any stage;
  • many other things.

Professionals that work in our company, DME Production, will create a promotional video that can solve all set tasks. For each client we have an individual approach.

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