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      Who are Dme.Production

      Dme.Production Studio
      produces video content
      for an exact goal or a task

      Video production is the process of creating video material that can be used in advertising, television, film, or the Internet. This usually includes filming, editing, voice acting, color grading, and other steps.

      Each stage requires different skills and knowledge, for example, planning may include developing a script, while filming may involve working with cameras, lights and sound. Dme Production studio creates promotional video content.


      The studio has its own Internet marketing department and therefore we qualitatively close questions on creating video content for business. You will get a strong video that will accomplish a specific task.

      Video production Dme filmed parties with Potap, Black Eyed Peas, Little Big and others. But this does not prevent us from filming any other party, event, conference or even a wedding. Just leave a request 🙂

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      Graphic design, installation, shooting and voice.

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